Get Ready for the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Preview Weekend –

You’re invited on a weekend trip to the Crystal Desert!

If you’re excited to play Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, we have an express ticket to the Crystal Desert for every Guild Wars 2 player! Come join us this weekend for a hands-on experience with the expansion.

The preview weekend begins on Friday, August 11, and runs through Sunday, August 13.

Who can play?

Everyone! You don’t need to prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire to participate—simply log in on the dates provided. If you’ve never played Guild Wars 2 before and would like to play during the preview weekend, register here to create an account and begin playing for free.

What can I expect?

You’ll be able to play the first part of the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire story, which will kick off your journey to the Crystal Desert. Once you arrive, the Amnoon Oasis map is yours to explore. Take in the sights, unlock the raptor mount, and have fun with other players!

On August 18 through August 20, you’ll be able to experience the new elite specializations for the first time in PvP and WvW.

To learn more about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or to prepurchase the expansion and receive extra bonus items, please visit the official site.

We can’t wait to see you in the desert!

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“One Path Ends” is Live |

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on July 25, 2017

The final episode of Living World Season 3, “One Path Ends,” is now live! You can visit the release page for more details and read the complete release notes on our forums.

On Friday, July 28 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7), join members of the Guild Wars 2 development team as they play through the episode on Twitch and YouTube!

As you play this release, consider adding information you find to the official wiki for the benefit of the Guild Wars 2 community! You can find information about how to edit an article or generally contribute to the wiki on this page.


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Guild Wars 2 Expansion Announcement



After having enjoyed Mumble for quite some time Dungeon Adventures moves to Discord for VoIP. We hope this move will make it easier for our members and future members to join us in hands free conversations and a little socialization 😀

Click the connect button to join Dungeon Adventures Discord server:

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Guild Hall Level 40 and Further Exploration

Dungeon Adventures unlocked guild hall level 40 and Further Exploration! This is a little out of date, we’ve been enjoying HoT content, and needed to be posted. None the less there was a big sigh of relief once we reached level 40. Very shortly after we had everything in place to unlock Further Exploration.

  • Workshop ~ Last building being constructed

Many of us had high hopes of an additional map with unlocking Further Exploration. Sadly that just was not so. We did gain access to another WP, north east corner of the map and a jumping puzzle.

  • Main Hall

Unfortunately after reaching guild level 40 and unlocking further exploration, as with many guilds (reported on forums), participation takes a sharp down turn. We are still unlocking the remaining features of the guild hall. Some, like decorations merchant, will take some time given the mass amounts of materials required to unlock them.

I would be happy if there was a schematic to build an event that repopulates the guild claiming event. It would have been nice if with further exploration guild halls were given 5-10 meta events to build schematics for and activate in the guild hall. I guess we will just have to wait and see….

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Guild Wars 2 2016 Begins

As Wintersday comes to a close and we start back into building our guild halls, leveling our Heroes, completing world exploration, gaining Elite Specializations, finishing achievements, working on Legendary items, and many more fun enjoyable journeys. The world of Tyria will undergo more changes. WvW, PvP, PvE, RAIDs will all see Polish and content additions. It’s likely we will see Living World Season 1 (Scarlets War) return and take it’s place in our Journals. There will be the dreaded balancing changes, maiming some builds and creating new ones. One of those major changes to Tyria is the addition of Gliding to area’s other than just Maguuma Jungle! That’s right, Gliding in Orr (at least for starters?). At the conclusion of today’s Guild Chat Ruby took a gliding leap off a cliff in Malchor’s Leap it appeared to be from Sculptor’s End.  Here is the Guild Chat Twitch video that contained the teaser.

Gliding in Tyria
Gliding in Tyria

It is my prediction that jumping puzzles will undergo a metamorphosis and be turned into instances like the Adventures. The frame work is there, most jumping puzzles are character based in their rewards and completions.  There are surely many other methods of handling jumping puzzles when it comes to gliding.  This is only my speculation as to how they might handle it.

Gliding in Tyria is sure to be a very sweet adventure in and of its self. Giving us a great number more of beautiful Guild Wars 2 art screen shots 😀

  • Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle

Wintersday 2015

WOW! It has been a while since our last post. After HoT was released and we claimed our guild hall we have been hard at work leveling it. We now have a level 30 guild hall! An excellent show of progress given an average of less than ten major contributors. Only 10 more levels to go.

Wintersday has been announced and arrives in less than 3 days on December 15th, 2015 with some bug fixes.  As they did for Halloween (Thank you very much!!!) the Guild Wars 2 Team is adding Guild Hall Decorations themed after Wintersday.

We enjoy the break of normal game play and miss these festive events when they are gone. It will be nice to be able to have Wintersday year round with the guild hall decorations. I can’t wait to do more Tixx & Toxx dungeon runs XD see you in game!

  • Wintersday Tree
    Wintersday Tree

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Heart of Thorns Live and DnD Claims Guild Hall

As launch arrived DnD Leaders registered  with the Guild Initiative to begin our journey into Maguuma and the construction of our Guild Hall. Taking our mains in to the prolog and Torn from the Sky we began leveling masteries in order to reach Lost Precipice. A guild mission that earned 100 Aetherium was required in order to pay 100 gold for the expedition to our guild hall. It was announced that WvW & PvP missions would b the only guild missions available at launch. This was a little disheartening to DnD being a PvE based guild. We did not however falter in our goal of claiming our hall. Seth and Crystal having comleted some PvP tracks we ready and eager to begin the task of PvP as the NOOBs we will forever remain 😀 .

Creating the Guild Team “What’s a Dodge” Consisting of Seth, Crystal, Arden, Qausi, & We set out on a very long quest to level members who had not reach rank 10 in PvP as required by PvP Rank System. After many hours of battle we finally had our PvP Team! Seth, Crystal, Alanis Makai, TiagoBrenck, and Team Captain Arden Stark. We entered into PvP Unranked arena awaiting to be defeated again and again. Much to our surprise and the new Elite Specializations (namely the Reaper) and our practice while leveling along with Guild Wars 2 forgiving ranking system we were paired with an opposing team. I was ecstatic to find I was able to fend off four enemy at one time while maintaining 50% health. The battle was neck and neck  and and on point they had taken a lead. I feared the worst! After having occupied 4 at a time twice we turned this into our advantage and began to turn the tables. I wold find and capture their area and they would run to reclaim it. I held them at bay while my team captured the other 2 points jumping us into the lead once again. This tactic worked very well ad we kept a 45 point lead for the WIN! On to the Guild Offices to pay for the expedition.

Expedition payed for and ready to claim our hall we went  to the Gates of Lost Precipice. First we had to reach the Lost Precipice and in order to do that you had to have Glider Mastery 1 and Glider Updraft helps.


Here we can be seen assembling for the claiming of the guild hall. Our first attempt had to few members and resulted in a loss. Slightly disappointing but expected given the hype of its epic battle.  On our second attempt we decided to seek assistance from outside the guild. Normally I have great fortune with LFG Tool. While we were able to successfully accumulate 15 players able to gain entrance into the claiming event, there was a bit of command struggle (not for mention here). I knew the second attempt was doomed from the start. Still we trodden on. The the finality of the failure hit! There were some assuming things were going great and a win was in the bucket. True, in the end the battle was actually successful. However, as I had mentioned when the message hit of an impending update we would not be claiming the guild hall this attempt either. I had noticed earlier working with the guild panel that when updates arrive no further guild panel access was allowed and no guild status changes would be had! The update had sealed our doom! No Hall again.

That was fine with me, I wanted an all DnD member claim anyway. Disappointed and a little flustered we went about our game. On Sunday I had a good feeling and knew we would claim our hall. We assembled our members Pyrofox, Stephiclese, Savvy, Alanis Makai, Celis, Abrasion, TiagoBrenck, Skull Jack, and KaiserReg, + Arden(in spirit). A few otehr arrived towards the end and were able to join us in the final battles to claim our guild hall. Successful at last we rejoiced and with excitement of children began exploring the hall.








Currently we have been hard at work upgrading our buildings & services, A Tavern, Mine, Workshop and Guild Portal by Sunday it is building up quite nicely. We have enjoyed the free travel to Bank, Merchants, Repair Stations, with more to come! Join us in game 😀 see you a the Guild Hall!

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader