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Guild_Halls_ClaimWOW! So tons of information was released and I was not able to keep up with all of it, the game, keeping our site fresh, and the distractions. In any case…GUILD HALLS!!! 😀

As we all (or most of us) know, Guild Halls will be coming out with the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion. There have been many posts on this topic giving us an overview of what to expect as Guild Leaders & Members alike. I am certainly excited about getting our guild hall.

This does bring into question a few topics I feel should not be a Leaders choice alone. We are very appreciative of our members and would hate to lose any of them. With the new guild hall system that will launch with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (HoT) there will be two guild halls available: Gilded Hallows and Lost Precipice. While we will be going for Lost Precipice as our “Main” guild hall, there will be armor and weapon skins unique to each of the two guild halls. So therein is the question. Do we want a second / alt guild hall? If so, whose should we pick? One suggestion has been the Guild “Children of Nature [CON]”. There are, I am sure, many others. Do we keep it within our community? Do we find  a large guild? How many are going to upgrade to HoT?

For instance progress in your guild hall will be saved. In a video interview ( see MMOHuts E3 below) it was mentioned we can repeat the guild hall claim event and “change” our guild hall. So it’s possible to have a monthly, quarterly, biannual guild hall change. Now that might mean we will have to redecorate the hall once we make the change? But hey! I fell into playing “Barbie” with my toon, I / we can  do it with the guild hall 😀

Some of the information gives the impression ANet is not 100% supportive of guilds that require 100% representation. This is good for our guild, since I have never been in agreement with 100% rep requirements.  To be honest, however, I do belong to 5 guilds: 3 as alt bank space and one we (Seth & Monika) use as a private guild. Nowadays, I only “swap” guilds to add or remove from my alt bank guilds. Also, the concept of guild halls possibly shared by alliances (or members who belong to several guilds who have claimed guild halls) make for some fuzzy boundaries. Especially since guild chat can now be shared with the guilds you are a member of, making for some interesting chat dialogs.

With guild missions possibly becoming more like guild wars of old Shining Blade Wanted, Zaishen Challenge Quests, or Vanguard Quests successful missions determine our ability to continue building our unlocked guild features. Introducing instances to some guild missions means we will need more of our members participating (and online/representing) in order to succeed! Currently and in the past we have been fortunate to be able to “Leech or Piggy Back” our success.  Guild Rush, Challenges, and Puzzles will “function a bit like a dungeon” and are instanced based. We, Dungeon Adventures, will need to succeed on our own! Unless they implement something similar to map capacity limits for the instance and multiple guilds with that same mission active are joined in the same instance. Of course there is the indispensable LFG Tool,  we can continue to use the LFG Tool to gather temporary manpower in completing the missions.

Here is where Dungeon Adventures stands so far:


Alternate Guild Hall

Guild Armor and Weapons are unlocked when the fifth building (out of six total), the Market, is complete.


Between now and when HoT goes live, feel free to express your opinions and come up with other topics to discuss.

  • Do we want to work with another (alternate) guild? If so, which one(s)?
  • Would we rather have a monthly | quarterly | biannual “Guild Hall Claim” event to swap guild halls?
  • Are the Tenebrous skins something you would want to work on an alt guild for?
  • Scheduling – two sets of guild missions or keep focus on main?
  • No means of “buying” Favor, participation | representation during guild missions will be paramount to succeed.

Okay, I’ll shut up now 😀 , those are our thoughts. So let’s have yours!




Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

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