Black Lion Key Farming

Choose a Method

  • PvP
  • Gold
  • PvE Character

Black Lion Key Farm Basics

PvP ~ Choose your favorite Track that rewards play with a Black Lion Key

Gold ~ Farm for gold and exchange for Gems to buy a Black Lion Key on the TP


  • Create character
  • Level to 60
  • Complete Personal Story 1-60
  • Rewarded a Black Lion Chest Key
    • Map Completion 100%
    • Rewarded Black Lion Chest Key or Transmutation Charge
  • Use Boons, Boosters, Nourishment and Utility buffs.



While playing PvP activate either a Mists Champion Track or a Jungle Rank track yo receive a black lion key at Tier 4 #20. These are not repeatable and earn up to 14 keys. The keys also have a rare chance to drop from all reward track chests.  This means you have a rare chance form the repeatable Dungeon reward tracks to get a key. Keep in mind this is a rare chance and not guaranteed.


The only method that does not have a weekly or other similar lock on getting a black lion key in game  is to buy them. There is the obvious use of cash to buy gems and then keys. For some that can be too costly while their money goes to other things. That does not mean you cannot buy a key. Simply use your favorite gold farming method and then convert that gold into gems from the trade company and then buy a key.

Here are some possible methods to earn that gold:

  • Silverwaste, SW still remains a very popular method for farming gold. Using the crests or doing chests runs can yield 10g very shortly.
  • Materials, there are a great many materials that are now in high demand since HoT. Most materials associated with Guild Hall construction are worth much more than days of old. Flax, Potatoes, gemstones (orbs mostly), kegs, and seaweed all have a high return value. Keep in mind changes to scribe are coming and will impact the Flax and potatoe prices.
  • Crafting, is still a very successful method for me. Since all crafts are maxed just find high value items with easy to farm materials, craft it sell it and watch teh coin roll in.

Character Creation

For this guild tutorial I am going to assume you have a spare character slot for recreating a key farming character.

Creating a key farming character is the same as creating a normal character. Depending on how fast or slow you wish to farm for your keys you can choose any race or profession.  Human is the most common because it seems to be the fastest – so that’s what we’ll use here. During creation the big thing to make sure you select is the “Common Folk” option.  It is the middle choice on the screen shown here:  CommonFolkThe reason for this is that it’s known to be one of the quickest Personal Story line choices. After completing your character creation you will be loaded in to an instanced version of Shaemoor.  You can go strait to to the battle of Hands of Ulgoth“. Follow the dotted lines to the battle.

gw888You may need to go back to the garrison and kill some Tamini if the battle has not started. After completing the battle you will enter the world. From here there are a few ways you can go about reaching level 10 . I have some outlined below:



Map Completion

Completing maps is now more valuable then ever. Not only is it a source of XP, Materials, Hero Points, coin, influence, and karma. Maps other than cities now reward either a Transmutation Charge or a Black Lion Chest Key once they are 100% complete.

There are 25 maps that contribute to the total number of Black Lion Chest Keys you can earn. That means you have a chance at earning 12 keys for world completion. That is a high estimate assuming you are lucky enough to earn one every other map! According to drop rate research for map completion you have approximately 30% chance of having a key drop as a map completion reward.

Map completion has undergone some changes. You now earn far more XP for completing renown hearts than you did before.  Level is much faster now.  Grabbing a few vistas and skill points on your way to and from renown hearts can earn around 129xp per vista and 332xp per hero point.  You might want to complete  Queensdale, Kessex Hills, and Gendarran Fields since these maps will be involved with reaching your personal story. Be sure to use Boosters and Nourishment to help the XP accumulate!

Complete the tasks below on the map of your choice:

  • Renown Hearts Heart_Renown
  • Vistas Vista
  • Skill Points SkillPoint
  • Waypoints WayPoint
  • Points Of Interest (POI) POI

Assisted with:

Using the experience gain methods above you can reach 300% XP gain or more.



After spawning from the instance head to your nearest Crafting station. Chef and Artificer (my choice) are a couple of good choices. Chef is becoming more costly due to rising material prices on the TP (Trade Post). By default you are allowed two crafting disciplines per character to start with. Using the account upgrade “additional Crafting License” you can add more crafting disciplines to your characters. This can help in craft leveling by swapping disciplines after lower level experience is exhausted. The Tuning Crystals and Bowls of Apple Sauce crafted are used for your next key character to help them level.

ArtificerArtificer can gain you a quick 2-3 levels from upgrading your Essence of Luck. (This also helps in reducing the number of clicks it takes to upgrade your Magic Find.) Essence of Luck is easily acquired from salvaging materials during normal game play.

ExoticEssenceEssence of Luck

TuningCrystalTuning Crystals



ChefChef can also gain you some levels, and if you are willing to spend the coin, even level you to 10. I usually craft Bowls of Apple Sauce since most of the ingredients are bought with Karma not coin.

Ball_of_DoughBall of Dough

Bowl_of_Apple_SouceBowl of Apple Sauce



Experience Leveling

Experience leveling is the fastest method to level your key farming character.  It is also costly and time consuming to acquire the materials to perform this option of leveling.

  • ToK Tome of Knowledge has the most options for acquisition and can drop from  Gift from Mawdrey II Gift_of_Mawdrey or Generosity’s Reward Gift_of_Gratitude as well as many reward chests and bags.
  • XPWrit Writ of Experience are gathered from Daily Chests and contribute 5% XP towards your next level. This can require stacks of writs reach level 10.
  • XPScrollExperience Scroll takes the longest to accumulate since they are awarded at the rate of 1 scroll per character per year.


 Complete Personal Story 1-60

Once you have reached level 10 you need to open your in-game mail to activate the Personal Story line.  Use waypoints (WP) to help move to and from locations. This can be done while in the instance also(in most cases). Use the skip button when in your cut scenes to speed the story along. If you party with someone of your race or similar story line you can coordinate for faster waypointing. This can help cut down some of the running needed in a couple of the story lines.

Reward time! Depending on the paths and Orders you chose you can also use your key farming character as an Orders skin and Booster farming character.

Black Lion Key BLCK
Durmand Priory Weapon ContainerOrder of Whispers Weapon Container | Vigil Weapon Container | Boosters

But wait, there’s more!  Before you delete that key farmer, bank the key and anything you can reuse for your next key run (armor, weapons, amulets, rings, back items, etc.).  Then delete that character, and start all over again! Your name can be reused as long as you create your next character within 24 hours.

In short, we like to use a combination of both Map Completion and Crafting to level our key characters. It’s useful for gathering lower level materials used for leveling and future crafted items. It also helps in the coin department, as you can sell stacks of (some) low level materials for a decent amount of coin. Our runs take a couple hours or so including story line, sometimes longer. There is the need for food, drinks, and other distractions. We have fun earning rewards and enjoy the game……



Wiki BLC Key Farm
Wiki Discussion

September 15, 2015 Update
Keys can only be farmed once per week per account
Drop rates in the open world were increased


 Other Popular methods for Key Farming

Video from Wooden Potatoes.

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  1. “Maps other than cities now reward either a Transmutation Charge or a Black Lion Chest Key once they are 100% complete.

    There are 25 maps that contribute to the total number of Black Lion Chest Keys you can earn. That means you can earn at least 12 keys for world completion.”

    While it’s true that Map completion will reward a Transmutation Charge or a Black Lion Key, the ratio between them is not equal. From evidence I’ve seen, it’s about 95% chance for a Transmutation Charge vs. 5% for a Black Lion Key. With the low chance of a key, it’s very possible for a toon to complete every world map and not get any keys from full map completion. Expecting 12 keys from world map completion is absurd.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I will change the information.

      Please note however that this page was create at a time when if you completed multiple maps in rapid succession it would alternate between a key then stone then key again. I and another guild member both received keys every other map.

      I recognize that is clearly not the case now T.T

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