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Pact Commander Masteries on Points of Interest: A Summary

If you missed the latest episode of Points of Interest, read on for a summary!

“On the last episode of Points of Interest, host Rubi Bayer and Game Designer Joshua Diaz showed off one of the Central Tyrian Mastery lines arriving in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™. The Pact Commander line will grant you perks, rewards, and abilities in exchange for playing the game and guiding new players.

Unlocking the Pact Mentor Mastery will give you the option to toggle on mentoring mode, which will place a badge next to your name and at your position on the map, as well as giving you a mentor title in chat. It will also provide persistent, permanent swiftness in capital cities for you and everyone in your party. The tag and badge will make it easier for Guild Wars 2 players who take pride in helping others to reach out.

The mentor tag is distinct from a commander tag as it doesn’t cost gold, doesn’t work in World vs. World, and doesn’t allow for the formation of squads. While it’s possible that players could toggle mentoring mode on in order to grief others, Josh said that the key to making the Guild Wars 2 community healthier is to continue to provide tools for altruistic, helpful players as well as a robust reporting system for deterring malicious ones.

The next Mastery, Productive Downtime, grants bonus crafting experience, which Josh said will be very helpful in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Not only will the expansion add new recipes, but having a high crafting level is necessary for the upcoming legendary precursor crafting Mastery!

Supply-Line Management is a Mastery that will give players access to special vendors across the world. These vendors appear on the map but travel frequently. Some of the items these vendors will trade for karma include both currently unavailable recipes and brand-new recipes. One of the new recipes will allow you to craft a Melandru-inspired backpack.

Noblesse Oblige grants a bonus to the speed at which you can revive other players, and the speed bonus increases if the character you’re attempting to revive is lower level. It will also take away a stack of the downed penalty for the revived character and help to mitigate armor damage.

Mastering Advanced Logistics provides a major convenience—when you gain loot from killing an enemy, it will go directly into your inventory, and you’ll never have to worry about missing a drop again! Josh explained that this perk is not simply activated by default on all characters because it would otherwise be just as convenient for bots; by making it a Mastery, it rewards those who play legitimately.

The design team is planning to grandfather in players who have already done most of the activities in the open world, and each of the story instances from Season 2 of the Living World story will grant a Mastery point, rewarded retroactively. Josh reiterated that every Mastery unlocked by a single level 80 character will be available to every character across the account as a permanent bonus.

Next, Game Director Colin Johanson sat down with Rubi to talk about the first Beta Weekend Event. He gave examples of how the revenant had changed due to feedback from previous testing, including the addition of weapon swapping to the profession and additional rebalancing. One of the goals of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is to create more challenging open-world content, and Colin said that players should find it more necessary to think about their skill bars and how they approach fights as they travel deeper into the Maguuma Jungle.

Colin also discussed how the development team experimented with creating progression for level 80 characters. The initial plan was to add more traits and skills regularly, but that didn’t feel meaningful enough. Antitoxin as a universal skill didn’t hit the mark, and neither did the previous system of earning traits. Colin said that the team is happy with the Mastery system and elite specializations as the foundation for progression in the future, but beta testing is crucial for making sure they feel right. He encouraged beta testers to be sure to leave feedback on the official forums.”

~ by Anatoli Ingram on August 12, 2015

Source: Pact Commander Masteries on Points of Interest: A Summary |

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader


BWE1 comes to an end today ( Aug. 10th, 2015) at 1304hrs

We were saddened by the end and eager to participate in the next BWE (Beta Weekend Event). Below is a post we made on the forums along with some caps and a revised Rytlock video showing his return from the Mists.

Some guildy’s and I had a conversation about the new adventure system coming out in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. We were discussing what we would rank on the leader boards given that our guild is mostly PvE and non-competitive.  I had mentioned I would place 99th on the adventure leaderboards. I guess I was wrong, though not far from the truth either!

Salvage Pit Leader Board
Salvage Pit Leader Board

Just goes to show Guild Wars 2 & Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Team is looking out for the PvE’rs and those who might not be “elite” (by choice or otherwise). Granted I did earn the Gold rank, and it took me only 2 tries achieving it on the second try. That was not the case with the Tendril Torching. After 4 tries I was still 5 from placing in Silver.  I guess you win some you lose some eh? 😉

Kinda cool new map system coming out for those who might not know. It’s the Map Bonus Reward System meant to “The goals of this system are to provide ways for players to target the materials they need, let players know exactly where to obtain those materials, and help all explorable maps always feel like relevant and rewarding places to play.” ~ by Linsey Murdock on March 26, 2015  read more…

Map Bonus Reward (from World Event success)
Map Bonus Reward System (as seen on map)
Map Bonus Reward System (as seen on map)

Some screen caps of Verdant Brinks

  • New beast Veteran Arrowhead



Forum Post

BWE1 responses to Guild Wars 2:Heart of Thorns Team wants to know ( from 1st BWE Post) by two avid Guild Wars 2 & Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns fans. These are our combined opinions of Crystal Virgo and Seth Moonshadow.

We want your thoughts on how fun it is to play our new profession as well as the elite specializations.

Revenant ~ We very much enjoy playing the Revenant! We do however find it a little more difficult to return to than any of the other professions. Shiro has a steeper learning curve than Mallyx, otherwise he seems okay. We found that skill Unrelenting Assault and skill Phase Traversal on the Revenant dual swords would not always work especially with the new beast “Arrowhead”. Those skills would not shadowstep or mist step to target very often. Also, Unrelenting Assault does not always return character to starting position when it does Shadowstep.  Impossible Odds & Jade Winds are sweet! Just wish they could hit more targets 😀

Tempest ~ During heavy combat animations sometimes do not show. We’re on the fence about whether or not an overload skill should be blockable, and many of our attempts to use Tempest Overload are blocked / interrupted / negated. The animations and sounds are awesome. It really helps make our Elementalist feel more like an Elementalist. We can’t wait until the horn sounds are replaced also, it will be even that much sweeter! We found ourselves using Tempest abilities far more than we thought we would.

Dragonhunter ~ WOW! Very fun indeed! It did creep close to the Ranger realm at first, but after playing Dragonhunter for a while you can see the Ranger is still a very valid profession. We took to Dragonhunter very fast and it quickly became a very close favorite to our Tempests.

Reaper ~ Nicely done, we enjoyed Reaper’s Shroud especially Soul Spiral. The animations and new character skin are a welcome piece of eye candy 🙂

Chronomancer ~ The clock sounds and time visuals are sweet! It added a little bit of comic relief to playing and yet did not turn it into a clown show 😀

Do the elite specializations feel like they are creating an entirely new role for your main profession?

Tempest: Not really. It does however really give you the feeling that an Elementalist is truly an Elementalist and “commands” the Elements rather than just using them. We were at first sceptical about the Tempest. Now we have a rekindled love of our main character who will most certainly become a Tempest! While it does not give the feeling of an entirely new role, it does provide much needed staying power to the “Battle Mage” build I already use frequently on my Elementalist.

Reaper: Not so much, only because I (Seth) already use my Necromancer in much the same way as a Reaper is used for “brawling”. However, the Reaper will give my current Necro Brawler much needed staying power to survive more battles. Instead of rush in, hit, rush out, spam staff #1 then repeat.

Dragonhunter: Yes!

Chronomancer: Undecided / not completely sure.

Do you feel the need to use your entire skill bar in battles?

Yes. We found ourselves using 0-9 skills as soon as they are available far more in Verdant Brinks than we do in normal play. Though, we use the 0-9 skills all the time during normal game play and elite skills probably more often than most. After all, they were put there to be used right?

Does teaming up with other players feel more rewarding?

Yes. In this version of Verdant Brinks we found it much more necessary to find a “Battle Buddy” before heading off into the woods! The Pocket Raptors were cute and dangerous, but also a defeatable enemy even in the packs. The Mushrooms on the other hand proved quite a bit more challenging when in packs and “praise the six!” you don’t get a veteran in with them!! If for no other reason than survival, teaming up–or at the very least following others–was needed more than previous tests. The reward came from not having to use the WP’s as often and did give you the Us vs Them feeling (as I noticed many individual stragglers buddying up also).

Do you find yourself wanting to change your skills and traits to overcome encounters?

On occasion, yes.

We’re looking for comments on how well Adventures help accomplish the goals we set out for them here.

As a competitive part of PvE it definitely adds challenge to achieving the Silver or Gold. They are a unique game play feature and can be made easier with some mastery tracks completed. Many of us PvE’rs appreciate that you have the bronze achievable (if it provides a mastery point?) for those of us not into the competitive play realm, some of us are here for the fun not the Hard Core challenge. We do appreciate the Adventure Systems uniqueness and look forward to trying more. We have already witnessed Adventures being dropped for easier ones in order to acquire Mastery points. We noticed how players quickly took playing the easier more achievable Adventures rather than attempting more “challenging” / harder Adventures. Some players are older and slower, have older / minimum requirement  computers, slower internet connections among some of the reasons.

That being said, we both took Gold on Salvage pit after a couple tries and I was just 5 shy of taking Silver on Airstrike after 4 tries.

Does night feel different from the daytime?

Yes. Daytime is much safer to roam freely solo vs Night.  Like Dry Top, it is nice to have events change with the day and night; this offers variety and avoids feeling like grinding. The alternating events for day and night is something that should be added to all maps including the starter zones. It is a welcome change to the world and adds some replayability to maps.

Does it change the way you play while night is active?

It does. We tend to remain in the area when Night falls and do not do as much traveling alone. Or we find a location with more players hanging about. There is a clear increase of volume to beasts around events mostly at night.

Is the nighttime meta-event experience that we’ve shown so far engaging and fun?


Does the Mastery system feel like a system that works to provide meaningful progression?

We feel it does a decent job for what it was designed to do. It gives us a reason to look at our XP bar again 😉 and a use for all those XP Boosters we saved up:). It would be nice if there was only one “Region” instead of two. Mainly since the balance of earning points for each is difficult to see (from a player’s perspective) right now.

Does it make you care about experience and Mastery points?

Experience more so than mastery points. It seems in-line with existing leveling for level 80 characters, not too fast and not so slow. It did take longer to earn mastery unlocks this time compared to last. Event hunting will be needed far more than before as beasts do little to help level masteries. We noticed Writs of Experience do not affect Mastery leveling. we’re on the fence about that remaining or not, but we can see the reason to block it for testing.

Does it provide a framework that you think we could regularly add to in live updates?

Absolutely! We are hoping we have not been shown all the masteries Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will ship with 😉 In any case we can’t wait to level them up!

Does it improve the experience of gathering materials if you’re working on building items that require specific crafting materials that previously had no clear place to earn them?

Yes. We like that the map shows materials we can earn while playing there :). It would be nice to have them added to achievements or hero panel for tracking them also, if that is possible? Maybe have a show / hide option setting that will add that display to the Event Assistant?

Does it feel like it will help keep the core world we’ve built today still a place you’ll want to return to and play in, and do you feel rewarded for doing so?

Answer A – A little, and a little. Though we are mostly PvE players, the new Map Bonus Reward System really helps us to collect those materials wanted most in inventory. While crafting ascended armor, materials for Bolts of Damask have been quite elusive. The New Map Reward System helps us in being able to focus on materials we want most while enjoying events in Tyria. We like that the Next Reward is kept while moving between maps 🙂 We like that it will rotate between maps each week (we are okay even if it is a daily rotation, maybe with daily Event Completer?). We like that Map Bonus Rewards are also Event Bonus Rewards! If this remains true for the Map Bonus Rewards System across all events in Tyria then Answer B below is negated and our answer changes to: Very Much So!

Answer B – Unfortunately, not enough to choose over existing material farming methods. It needs to be more frequent or be awarded per event. We would rather a rotation list instead of a random item from the list. We keep getting drops we don’t want or need vs the rewarding drops we want for working to our ascended or legendary. For example after 6 events I only had 3 Shiny Baubles, the next two events rewarded 1 Onyx Core. 8 events for 1 desired drop is not quite enticing enough; better would be half that: 4 events for 1 desired drop. Absolutely, it would be rewarding enough to make sure and hit all maps again! On the other hand, our BWE characters did not have personal story or map completion done, so they did not have an event locator to make use of, drastically increasing the time between rewards vs. a character who could Event hunt (having completed Personal Story and 100% of the world).


Additional Comments:

Dynamic Event Changes:

We really liked the way some events were changed to be more Tequatl / Triple Trouble  -esque. The Event Colossal Vine needing coordination by 1) defending snipers so they could do their jobs, 2) holding one location so another could fire mortars. Was a very welcome change from the normal defeat this foe, defend this person or escort this thing. Engaging events don’t need to all be Tequatl / Triple Trouble. But simply adding a step or two of coordination will help in many ways other than just changing the norm. It established a PvE use for Commander Tags (other than here is an event we are doing), promotes cooperation and community building. More of these events should be added to the rest of Tyria!! Awesome work!!!


We noticed some beasts had more player-like maneuvers. Having them dodge and use skills that players use, combined with foe abilities makes them more fun to combat.


We noticed a few new sounds to the game! We really like the Tempest sound effects. We enjoyed the ambient sounds of the map as well, very nice! Can’t wait to hear more!!

Map Completion & XP:

Not sure if this was intended. We took a short trip to Rata Sum to grab some XP Boosters to help level our Mastery’s. After WPing in we found a nice shiny bouncy map completion chest! After grabbing our gear and WPing back to Verdant Brinks we opened the chests for a wonderful 27k XP reward! So naturally we then visited each map that was completed. This helped level at least ¾  of Mastery Track! So THANK YOU for the bonus XP for getting started on Mastery’s 😀

Thank You Colin and Rubi for the reminder to gather nodes! We had chosen at first to bypass them, knowing we could not keep the materials. Gathering helped by providing between 802 – 1200 XP.

It seems bugged events kept us from earning XP – eg: would like to see the Itzel larvae event work from start to finish.  Weren’t there more small-scale events in the Revenant beta test?


We really had loads of fun playing the Revenant & all four Elite Specializations. They give new life, if not new roles, to existing characters we have come to enjoy and love!

The Map Bonus Reward System is a nice plus but could use some improvement to drops.

Adventures, while fun, did pose some challenges, though placement on the leaderboard would not be enough for us to keep repeating them. Maybe add Map Bonus Rewards as part of a repeat reward (assuming they player already placed high enough to receive a mastery point) and you can bet you’ll find me there many times!

Masteries are a reason to love my leveling bar again and provide fun and unique rewards for doing so. I can only imaging future additions to the Mastery system. It was a little slow to level, but I figure that was by design and we are fine with that. After all. we should not get them in 2 days right?

Adding cooperation and teamwork to the events was a very welcome and fun change to the standard events. It brings the Dynamic to Dynamic Events!!

Can not wait until BWE2 and release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns!!


Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

The First Beta Weekend Event Begins August 7!

Learn more about what we’ll be testing in the first Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

by Colin Johanson on July 31, 2015

“I’m excited to announce our first Beta Weekend Event will be taking place starting at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on Friday, August 7, and running until noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on Monday, August 10.These beta weekend events are an exciting opportunity for you, the player, to help shape the development process and the experience you’ll have when Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ is completed. These are real beta tests, and you have the real opportunity to help shape the expansion with your feedback.

We’re not going to show everything in the expansion in beta weekends; we want to keep a strong sense of discovery and not spoil huge parts of the story ahead of time. We’re going to test enough to help us broadly understand how everything works and also apply those lessons to the parts of the game we won’t be showing during beta weekends. For example, we’ll only ever be showing the first story chapter and parts of the first map of the expansion during beta weekends to ensure that an entire world of discovery and excitement awaits you on launch day when you venture deeper into the jungle. After all, Guild Wars 2 is the game where the journey is the goal!

BWE1—Content Experience

Players who have pre-purchased the expansion will see a new button appear on the character creation screen that allows them to create and play a fully geared, level-80 beta character of any race for the duration of the weekend.

Players who have pre-purchased may use their beta-character slots to try our new profession, the revenant, with all five full trait lines and all four core legends, including Shiro. You’ll also be able to play with our new system that grows your character professions into new elite specializations—you’ll be able to try out the chronomancer, dragonhunter, reaper, and tempest.

Beta characters will begin by playing through a brief shared battle in the Silverwastes that leads into the expansion jungle region, followed by the intro story step of the expansion. From there, they will land in Verdant Brink, the first map of the expansion, where about 25 percent of the total playable space of that first map will be available to play. You’ll be able to train your Masteries in the jungle region as you play through the story and event content available in Verdant Brink.

Not only will you be able to take your characters to the jungle, you can take them into the existing game world as well! PvE, PvP, or WvW—feel free to try out the new profession or elite specializations on the live game with all your friends and guildies. To go along with this, we’ll be turning on our map bonus reward system for beta characters only, helping players get a feel for how we’ll keep the core game world relevant and rewarding with the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

We’ll also turn on our new Stronghold PvP game mode for all players for the duration of the weekend, along with the new Mist Champion selection system. Players who pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will have all currently revealed Mist Champions automatically unlocked for their use throughout the weekend.

Progress earned by beta characters over the course of the weekend will be preserved between BWE1 and BWE2 so that you can continue testing where you left off.


So what kind of feedback are we looking for? We want your thoughts on how fun it is to play as our new profession as well as the elite specializations. Do the elite specializations feel like they are creating an entirely new role for your main profession?

The jungle content is predominantly the same content we showed to a small audience in closed beta testing earlier this year, but it’s more polished. We’ve done a lot of work to balance creature difficulty, and we’ll be looking for your thoughts on the overall experience. Do you feel the need to use your entire skill bar in battles? Does teaming up with other players feel more rewarding? Do you find yourself wanting to change your skills and traits to overcome encounters? Warning—creatures will be more challenging than in the existing Guild Wars 2 world. (Note: This is not what we meant when we said “challenging group content” at the expansion’s announcement—we’ll announce the details of that in the future.)

You’ll also find that as daytime outpost events are completed in Verdant Brink, Adventures with fully functional leaderboards and rewards will be unlocked for play. We’re looking for comments on how well Adventures help accomplish the goals we set out for them here. And finally, we’ve done a lot of work since the closed beta test to continue progressing the nighttime meta-event within the jungle-floor-biome experience. Does night feel different from the daytime? Does it change the way you play while night is active? Is the nighttime meta-event experience that we’ve shown so far engaging and fun?

We’re also looking for feedback on what it’s like to progress and earn Masteries over the course of multiple days of gameplay in the jungle, as well as how it feels to use those Mastery abilities in the area provided. Does the Mastery system feel like a system that works to provide meaningful progression? Does it make you care about experience and Mastery points? Does it provide a framework that you think we could regularly add to in live updates?

We also want your take on how well the map reward system communicates rewards. Does it improve the experience of gathering materials if you’re working on building items that require specific crafting materials that previously had no clear place to earn them? Does it feel like it will help keep the core world we’ve built today still a place you’ll want to return to and play in, and do you feel rewarded for doing so?

Finally, we’ll also be looking for feedback on the changes we’ve made to Stronghold and the revenant since our last testing event, including the addition of weapon swap on the revenant profession and the new additional messaging for key events in Stronghold.

See You Soon!

Beta weekend events are a large milestone in the development of our expansion, and we can’t wait to play the game with you over the weekend and to continue down the path that brings Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns to release!

While playing this weekend, don’t forget to tune in Saturday at 10:00 a.m. CEST (1:00 a.m. Pacific Time) to our WTS Championship event, live from the show floor at gamescom. The four top PvP teams from around the world will compete for bragging rights and $50,000 in prizes. We’ll also be announcing the details of one of our Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns features during the course of the tournament live on stream – you won’t want to miss it! You can catch the broadcast live on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel, or catch up with a recording on the official YouTube channel after the match.

We’ll see you in game.”

Source: The First Beta Weekend Event Begins August 7! |

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Meet the Tempest: Elementalist’s Elite Specialization

“Welcome back, friends, for the next reveal! I’m Karl McLain, and this week we’re here to talk about the new elite specialization for the elementalist. With the coming of fierce enemies and Elder Dragons, you’ll reach deep into the elements in order to harness some of the most pure and dangerous aspects of natural magic and even infuse them into sound. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ will see the dawn of the tempest, a close-range specialization capable of blasting out damage and support as they charge into the fight against evil.

Pushing the Limit

While the elementalist has mastered the elements of fire, water, air, and earth, the tempest looks to extend the boundaries. With the design of this elite specialization, we’re aiming to add a more direct frontline support option that rewards precise positioning and the ability to turn a fight with sound decision making and deft blows.

Remaining attuned to an element for a period of time will now allow you the option to overload that attunement for a short while. Once you’ve attained a singularity with the attunement, you can reactivate it to perform a special channeled ability. These abilities are so chaotic and draining that they exhaust your current attunement, locking you out of it for a period of time should you move to another element. Before you ask, yes, the Fresh Air trait will refresh your exhausted air attunement and allow you to overload it much sooner.

Harness the Elements!

Each attunement will obtain its own overload ability, and here’s how they’ll work:

  • Overload Fire: Allow flames to leak out from your essence, building an infernal tornado over time that continuously damages and burns enemies while granting allies might. Successfully completing the ability leaves the tornado at your current location for a period of time.
  • Overload Water: Pull water into an aquatic bubble around you as you regenerate and cleanse conditions from yourself and nearby allies. At the end of the ability, your water bubble pops to give a larger heal to nearby allies.
  • Overload Air: Become a conduit of electricity, creating a nimbus cloud above you that repeatedly strikes nearby enemies, rending their armor. Successfully completing this ability leaves a lightning field at your location that strikes enemies in its vicinity.
  • Overload Earth: Rend the earth, bend it to your will, and take a ride on it, granting protection to nearby allies and crippling enemies. When you return to earth, deliver a tremendous immobilizing blast.

The Sound of Power

Specializing as a tempest will allow you to use eight new abilities as you wield their newest weapon—the warhorn. These abilities will assist in helping you both support your allies and create disruptive areas for enemies. While in water attunement, you’ll be able to unleash a moving water field that heals allies. Air attunement’s cyclone will pull enemies to a point, while its lightning orb will fire projectiles at all enemies within its path. Along with these and other skills, using a warhorn will also unlock the elementalist’s latent potential to share boons and extend their durations among allies.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

With newfound abilities in audio mastery, you’ll gain the ability to use shout skills as utilities. Here’s the list of healing, utility, and elite skills you’ll have access to as a tempest:


  • “Wash the Pain Away!”: Heal allies, and cleanse conditions from them. This healing skill is a bit more unique, as it heals allies for the same amount that you are healed for outside of the initial healing when activating the skill.

  • “Feel the Burn!”: Sear your voice into the ground and cause continually growing flames to emit from that location.
  • “Eye of the Storm!”: Call the storm down on yourself and nearby allies, breaking stun on anyone affected and granting them superspeed for a time.
  • “Aftershock!”: Emanate a powerful earthen force around yourself, crippling enemies. After a short delay, an aftershock ripples forth, immobilizing enemies in its wake.
  • “Flash Freeze!”: Command the air around your foes to cool and harden, damaging and chilling your foes for a period of time.

  • “Rebound!”: This is the only arcane aspect available to the tempest. Using this arcane shout will affect allies in the area around you, causing the next ability they use to have a 25% reduced recharge.

Bolstering the Tempest

The elite specialization’s traits will have multiple options to promote defense, support, and overloading your attunements. Let’s delve a little into the tempest’s minor traits and a couple of major traits you’ll see.

  • Minor Trait One—Singularity: This minor trait unlocks the ability to overload your attunements. You’ll see multiple traits that beef up your overload abilities, such as Unstable Conduit, which grants an aura specific to your attunement when you successfully complete an overload ability.
  • Minor Trait Two—Speedy Conduit: You’ll gain swiftness while overloading an attunement, allowing you to move more easily around the battlefield. You can enhance this movement by equipping the Lucid Singularity trait, which cleanses and then reduces the duration of incoming inhibiting conditions by 100%.
  • Minor Trait Three—Hardy Conduit: Gain protection when beginning an overload ability. In order to use these channeling skills for damage and support, you’ll occasionally need to soak up a little extra damage yourself. If you so choose, this trait can be bolstered by a specific major trait in the line called Earthen Proxy. The effects of protection on you will be increased from 33% to 40% damage reduction.

Elementalists, you are called upon to unleash the inferno, drive the uncontrollable torrents, rain hell and lightning upon your foes, and harness the earth and ride it into victory. The tempest cannot be stopped; your enemies cannot endure. Press forward!”

by Karl McLain on July 23, 2015

Prepare for elemental overload as we reveal the next elite specialization!

Source: Meet the Tempest: Elementalist’s Elite Specialization |

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Revenant Test Weekend


Dungeon Adventures members had the opportunity to help shape Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns!  It is a combined input from two players. Some of these may already be addressed or resolved. We wanted to hold off posting until we had some solid play time in each, if not most, of the maps and all the level zones including World Bosses, Champions, Hero Challenges, Guild Missions, events, mobs of foes, and a dungeon or two. It was a bit challenging to party with guild members as Trade Post and Guild Access were turned off for beta test (as they are usually, well Trade Post is).

Scale = 0 – 10
0 = WOW, you should really rethink this!
10 = OMG! Awesome!

Over all Score 8.8
Revenant Score 8.5

Veteran Pre-Purchase +1 Character (overall score 10)
Thank You for additional character slot 😀 Now, to think of a name 😉

Live Access & Beta Weekend Events (overall score 10)
Thank You for your innovative method of beta testing. It is a great joy and very handy to have the use of both normal and beta accounts! Bummer about no Guild access or Trade post but understand the block.

Revenant Loadout (overall score 10)
Armor used Celestial, Cavaliers, and Dire with Runes of Dolyak & Traveler
Accessories used Cavaliers & Celestial
Weapons used Celestial & Soldiers with Sigils of Bloodlust, Force and Leeching

Great idea to provide multiple sets of equipment and Boons to let gamers play with and experiment!

Regarding inventory space, would have been nice while you were at it providing everything else to go that 1 final step and provide all 20 slot bags. Since we would be swapping multiple sets of armor the extra space would have been a huge help. Thanks for making them 15 slot and not 4’s ;). We give it a 9.

Staff & Legendary Centaur Stance Combo (overall score 9)
Major Support build! Able to withstand combat We previously would go to downed state in. We found fending off groups of foes easily possible. We spent less time downed than in similar encounters with my Warrior or Guardian. Was able to maintain health for extended period of time while soloing Silverwastes, Dry Top, and Orr champions (though We did little damage to them).

Staff as Melee. Appeared a tad underpowered (possibly due to it being for support?) and did take some time to take foes down. While working well with Ventari, does not mix well as support when you try to stay ranged to support your team in the “traditional” manor. While this does “challenge current gaming conventions” it diminishes the staff if you remain a ranged support character. As a front line support role we feel it helped those that were lucky enough to be chosen as beneficial targets. We noticed other players making runs for the orbs of healing.

Staff Animations were awesome! Reminds me of Dervish, enough to not miss my Dervy anymore 😀

Mace & Axe (overall score 10)
Took a little getting used to. Has a nice “1,2 combo punch” feel with them. You need to be more familiar with them than most other professions (or maybe it’s because we used to the others) to use them effectively. So it’s more of a 3 or 4, 1, 2, 5 punch, at least with our load-out. It delivered a good dose of Torment.

Hammer (overall score 10)
We read (in chat) many putting down the hammer for lack of dps. We thought “Hammer”, isn’t a Hammer Melee? (though not in this case) so shouldn’t it be DPH (Damage Per Hit)? We do not see why most complain about hammer. My average hit range was 350-950 with occasional 1300-1600. Seemed fair to me since most of my chars do that on average. A little confusing as a ranged, keep wanting to leap into my foe for a blow!

Downed State (overall score 8)
Not able to win downed fights very often, even against a single foe. Forceful Displacement ~ does not always “force them away”. Single target only not much use. Would be better as an AoE up to 3 or 5 targets.

Speed (overall score 5)
Revenants seemed very slow in casting and movement. It appeared to take for ever to have some skills actually cast if they cast at all. They did not have many skill options for speed boosts other than Surge of the Mists or runes. More may come with other weapons maybe?

Weapon + Stance build design (overall score 8)
It seems there is a definite combination to weapons and stances. Staff + Ventari, Hammer + Jalis, and Mace|Axe + Mallyx. While they worked very well in those combinations they lacked the same punch if you went out of the box and mixed staff+Mallyx, for example. That being said, it makes you want to stick with ONE legendary more often rather than swapping as much–due to the loss of the combination power. After battles we would often swap weapons for my stance based on what we thought we might use most.

It would be nice if we could at least swap between the weapon sets coinciding with our currently configured F1 choices. Though that would probably be some major coding 🙁 Or some other solution???? Is it possible to add a check box next to the weapons section on the hero equipment panel? Then we could place a check mark on the weapons we want available to swap with our F1 options. Kinda like how we can chose to show or hide the helmet check box, only it will grant swap ability if 2 of the 4 weapon slots are filled and have checks.

Other professions do not have as much of a “forced” choice of weapons as much as the Revenant has. Because it feels like you must chose a weapon+stance combo to pick while playing, rather than flexibility without loss of power (Staff+Mallyx) We scored it an 8.

Tablet ~ high maintenance in moving tablet or keeps you within tablet area. Love the healing it provides! In the skirmishes we do while moving around a map it becomes a bit more high maintenance. We are constantly on the move unless, fighting a world boss, some champions or Hero Challenges, mobbed in Orr | Silverwastes. Otherwise perfect for those drawn out “challenging” encounters. We still give it an 8.5.

Legendary Demon Stance (Mallyx) ~ Took the longest to get used to playing and learning its abilities. Embrace the Darkness drained a full energy bar, often, in the first 3 seconds. Granted We would wait for at least 6 or 8 conditions on me before using it. We get that it takes 5 energy to cast & 8 more every 3 seconds (unless that’s wrong?). But from 100% to 0% in 6 seconds?

Ignoring Embrace the Darkness, the Mallyx + Mace|Axe combo with skills 1-9 tore through foes like butter in many cases. Keeping my health up was a bit more challenging than with the other combinations.

Possible Bugs:
~ BUG?: When swapping to Ventari box appears in place of character for a second. Ventari_Box

BUG?: Tablet does not reset on WP some times. Needed to WP, F1 Swap or cast Tablet multiple times for it to reset.

In closing it was a great joy to play the Revenant, even with its issues (after all it WAS a beta test! 😉 ). We can see it might be as rough as a Mesmer or Elementalist to get started when leveling from 0-80. Once at 80, Revenant clearly meets the requirements for a heavy class. We look forward to playing more of the Revenant in future Betas and on release of HoT!

Beta Feedback Helps!!

Post testing feed back helps change the direction of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (ArenaNet) release! They really do listen and take player feedback into consideration.

Revenant Changes for next Beta Test

So in the next beta if you have the chance to help, why not join in and help shape how the expansion turns out?

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Revenant and Stronghold Test Weekend

Announcing the Guild Wars 2 Revenant and Stronghold Test Weekend!

“Hello, Tyrians!

We’re busy preparing for the first Beta Weekend Event, but in the meantime, we’d like to get in some extra testing of the new revenant profession. We’re inviting all pre-purchasers to join us for a special revenant test weekend starting Friday, July 10, at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) and running until noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on Monday, July 13. During this test weekend, you can create and play a revenant beta character anywhere in the existing game: PvE, PvP, and WvW! We’ll also be opening up our new Player vs. Player game mode, Stronghold, to all players who play in the queue for Unranked PvP over the course of the weekend.

These testing events are an exciting opportunity for you, our players, to help shape the development process and the experience you’ll have when Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ is completed. Though the trend these days is often more to treat beta events as simply marketing sneak peeks, we very much believe in having beta events that mean much more. We want to let you experience vertical slices of the final game experience; we’re going to listen to your thoughts and suggestions, we’re going to iterate on the experience, and only when we love it will we ship the expansion. These are real beta tests, and you have the real opportunity to help shape Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns with your feedback.

Revenant and Stronghold Test Weekend Feedback

For this test, we’re looking for your thoughts on balance and how fun it is to play as our new profession, the revenant—along with its newly announced Ventari legend and the staff weapon—in the existing Guild Wars 2 game world with (and against!) existing professions.

As a result of feedback, Stronghold has had a number of changes since the last time it had an open test. One of the big comments we heard from the most recent open test was a request for queue preferences between Conquest and Stronghold game modes, so we’ve added one that you’ll be able to test out for the first time during this bonus event.

We’ve also added our new Mist Champions, which will give all players access to Turai Ossa, and players who pre-purchased will have access to two additional Mist Champions for the bonus weekend. We’ve also made changes to the balance of NPCs’ abilities, added an overtime mechanic that keeps a game going as long as a lord is still in combat when time runs out, and more! We’re looking to see how well these solutions addressed the feedback we saw from the last public event, and we’ll be gathering any additional thoughts on your experience with the game mode.

Beta Weekend Events—Coming Soon!

Though this bonus weekend event will help us get more feedback on the revenant profession and Stronghold experience, full Beta Weekend Events will be starting soon to test larger components of the expansion. We’ll come back with more details on our first Beta Weekend Event shortly.

We’ll see you in game!”

~by Colin Johanson on July 7, 2015

If you’ve pre-purchased Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, we hope you’ll join us for this upcoming test weekend!

Source: Announcing the Guild Wars 2 Revenant and Stronghold Test Weekend! |

AWESOME! This will be fun.  I wonder if they will be auto 80’s like before or if we will be able to create new level 0 Revenant’s? I am guessing they will be auto leveled complete with gear just as they were in Closed Beta Testing. That will be really cool to do this weekends Guild Missions with a Revenant. Plus we’ll get to try out a new Legend & weapon.


Well, my question of if the Revenant’s would be auto 80 or not has been anwered. They will be level 80’s with a full set of gear. Per Colin Johanson post on Guild Wars 2 forums.

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Dungeon Adventures Beta Test

Heart of Maguuma


Prior to the actual closed beta test we noticed some changes to tour accounts. We had an added Beta Test Character Slot (shown below) for use during the beta event. We had three 2 hour time slots to play the beta or May 26 20 15. The were 11:30 -1:30, 3:30 – 5:30, and 7:30 – 9:30

Heart of Maguuma (Thorns) Beta Character Slot

I’m sure it will get removed on the following Tuesday update. We can hope that the actual expansion will include a character slot as part of the purchase. It would be consistent with Guild Wars Nightfall & Factions expansions.

Character Creation:

Once allowed into the test area we could begin character creation. Then new profession Revenant was available for selection, and while I wanted to save it for the actual release I could not resist, most players chose this option. Believe it or not some chose their favored profession. To each their own 😀

Beta_Character_CreationOptions automatically selected for us were Human, Commoner, and Dead Sister. We had a choice of head gear from Veil Piercer, Resplendent Curtain, or Mist Scrim.

Veil_Piercer Resplendent_Curtain Mist_Scrim

After character creation were were greeted with this video. Explaining “The Call” to all Sylvari peoples. Take note that not all Sylvari obeyed or followed the call and remained as they are now, allies. Though “many” did and turned on us.

After words we were spawned in to Red Base in Silverwastes and had to escort a pack dolyak to Amber Sandfall base. Once there followed the supplies into a doorway north of Amber Sandfall base were we needed to complete a story line event in order to open the portal into Verdant Brinks. After successfully reaching Virdant Brinks we were greeted with this video.

 Playing through the story line we were spawned into had us meet up with Laranthir. A choice was placed before us to choose to follow Laranthier or side with Pact soldiers. Each with a different event to complete. Following Laranthier we take a path introducing us to new Mordrem creatures most notably the Mordrem Guard Cavalier who is often found riding atop a Mordrem Guard Mount. In a battle with a champion Mordrem Guard Cavalier and their mount, Rytlock makes his grand entrance in this video.

Afterwords we begin our exploration of the Verdant Brinks and it’s offerings.

I wanted to save the Revenant for the actual release of HoT and intended on playing either an Ele or a Guardian. However the hype and length of time since a new profession was available I could not resist! It was a joy to play and with my pos pc I was pleased with how well the animations and action took place. There were a few areas it took some time before animation appeared and some times not at all. I chalked it up to my pc. It was awesome to see the Forced Engagement work to our advantage and have the enemy turn on themselves. I’m not sure if it was supposed to work on a champion mounted rider but I was AWESOME that it did, if only to have him bucked off. A word on Inspiring Reinforcement , OMG I think everyone had that set to auto attack. There were multiple times our path was literally paved by IR 😀

Day & Night Impressions:

You could definitely tell the difference between day and night, not just from the amount or lack of light but from the numbers of mordrem available to help level your Mastery Track 😉 There are a few who might be mistaken that the beta was the actual number of mordrem we will see. While that might actually be the correct number of mordrem, the time we had did not give us the full view of the onslaught once HoT is released, think Amber Sandfall, Indigo or other base during a defend stage. Or Vinewrath Lane. That is my bet at least. It was clearly enough to cause our forces to falter and not achieve all the defenses before nightfall (LOL Nightfall)!



Mastery System & Adventures Impressions:

I only tried two adventures, the one collecting the supplies and the one collecting the insects. My first two runs through the supplies adventure you had to dodge or speed your way out of the devastating Tendril attacks, failed miserably. I was able to get the bronze on my third attempt and almost to silver. Clearly your Mastery Skills will help diminish the challenge rating a little, on some of the Adventures there were Speed Mushrooms. They were a challenge and fun. The insect collection in the Itzel grounds was hard mainly because I cold not stop jumping off to glide 😀 and it was at times hard to tell where to go next. Mastery System is just as they said, a grind, but it is an account grind and one I will be happy to complete. I’m sure the last few unlocks will take for ever to gain but should be worth it. In the six hours we were given I did earn 2 ¼ unlocks. I could have earned more had I actually been hunting events. So yeah, the grind is real, but not a bad one. You’ll clearly gain Mastery Points faster than you can spend them.

Mastery_Point_Tracks   Mastery_Point


Audio & Map Impressions:

The players character having a voice was great 😀 I knew from information before we would be getting one and had forgotten until playing in the beta and hearing my character. There was that light delay of “hu, wut? Who’s that talking?” I enjoyed the ambient sounds and wish they played more often (could be my settings). Almost reminded me of trodding through the bush. I hope the Jungle includes some rainy areas also. Map layout was nice and confusing, reminded me of Cantha in Factions, and wished there were a few more high long skinny bridges to run over (and jump off, yes). I understand we may not have been given access to the jungle floor, but it would have been sweet to jump off the mordrem vine Mastery Point and glide to the bottom with out auto dying.Verdant_Brink_Beta


Our Good Bys:

Nearing the end (literally like the last minute! 9:29pm PST) of our final 2 hour time frame a group of us rallied at the cliff of Shipwreck Peak Waypoint for one last glide into the nightfall of beta.


Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Closed Beta Testing

 WoooHooo! Good news! well, you know where we’ll be Tuesday after a a 3 day weekend of Guild Wars fun 😀

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on May 22, 2015 :

“We’re pleased to announce the closed beta test for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™. If you obtained a portal to the Heart of Maguuma during the special event in Dry Top and the Silverwastes, you’ll receive an e-mail with all the details you’ll need to get started. Please ensure that you’ve signed up for our newsletter so that we can contact you! We’ll be randomly choosing a number of newsletter recipients for participation in the beta test as well.

The upcoming closed beta will help us test the stability of our new PvE outpost-event content structure. Participants will be able to use a revenant—or any of the existing eight professions—to play a small amount of expansion story content, followed by two beta versions of outposts and their corresponding adventures in part of the Verdant Brink map. An early, partially completed version of the day/night cycle meta-event experience from Verdant Brink will also be available.

Testing will begin on May 26, and will run in 2 hour blocks with breaks between each block. The schedule is as follows:

  • 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) to 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)
  • 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)
  • 7:30 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) to 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)

This test is not under a nondisclosure agreement, and participants are welcome to stream and discuss their experiences. We hope to see you there!”

Announcing the closed beta test for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns!

Source: Closed Beta Testing on May 26 |

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Portal to Heart of Maguuma


Crystal Virgo, Seth Moonshadow & Michris

We set out this week to hunt for the elusive Portal to the Heart of Maguuma. Knowing it would probably takes us all week if we were even that lucky! We started out in Silverwastes and maybe ten minutes here or there in Drytop.  Our plan was focused on Saturday as it would be a high attendance from the community. It was well known that magic find was not going to help in this endeavor, but if your going to farm ~ FARM! So, for the first time we used our Metabolic & Utility Primers along with  Magic Find Boost, Laureate Magic Find BoosterChocolate Omnomberry Cream, Lump of Crystallized Nougat, and Guild Heroes Banner.  That combined with perseverance from Silverwastes events add a huge amount of Magic Find. So if we were not to receive the highly sought after Portal prize, we were walking away with an inventory full of great loot 😉

I was able to get my magic find up to a whopping 630%, I was sure the maximum was 565% but I guess that was changed? Crystal had their magic find averaging 550%.


Our guildies helped complete events and defeat foes in and around both Red Rock Bastion and Indigo base.  With perseverance adding it’s +150% magic find one of our party was bound to get one ( so we hoped). Thank fully the drop rate was increased! Thankfully that means our chances are much higher than that of a possible precursor weapon drop. Even though the item is given a color code of legendary.  We are two fortunate players to have the Portal to Heart of Maguuma item drop for us in game. 😀

We hope more of our guildies will be as lucky and join us in the closed beta test!

The details about acquisition are below.

The Drop

Crystal Virgo:
Magic Find 550%
Wingspan Arch ~ Event
Defeated Foe ~ Veteran Mordrem Husk
Play Time approx. 5 hours

Seth Moonshadow:
Magic Find 500% approx.
Restoration Refuge Waypoint ~ Event Prevent skritt from stealing supplies
Defeated Foe ~ Skritt Thief
Play Time approx. 8 hours

Magic Find 96%
Blue Oasis ~ Base event
Bonus Chest ~ Defend Blue Oasis and protect Tactician Mansell from the Mordrem
Play Time approx. 1 hour

Seth Moonshadow receiving Portal
Portal to Heart of Thorns
Portal Description
Portal Description

After you receive the Portal you will receive and in game email from “The Guild Wars 2 Team” as shown below.


Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

Claim Your Spot in the Next Heart of Thorns Closed Beta

WOW! What an interesting method of delivery! And an extraordinary opportunity  to participate in the beta events. I know where I will be every second I get a chance to be on Guild Wars 2 ;D You can bet I am going to muster as much MF as I can while AOE’ing evreeeeythiiiiiing.

Though it is a “small chance” and that means it is close to or similar chances of you getting a precursor drop. We can hope that the chances might be much larger than that if they are wanting a larger testing base. Though, it never hurts to have a sacrifice to the RNG Gods!

Read on to learn how you can hunt down access to the next Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns beta in this limited-time special event!
Source: Claim Your Spot in the Next Heart of Thorns Closed Beta |



On Wednesday the 29 another update was made to Guild Wars 2 increasing teh drop rate of the Portal to the Heart of Maguuma. This is great news for those of us whom the RNG gods (myself included) do not favor. With any luck tomorrow may hold another drop rate increase! Maybe by Saturday we will have a real chance at the elusive legendary item ;D

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader