DnD PvP Custom Arena

Custom Arena

Dungeon Adventures Custom Arena was started for it’s members and has recently opened its gates to everyone. Just as with the rest of the game we do our best to focus on Guild Wars but often one of us has a kid in their lap. This can make PvP difficult to say the least, but then that’s part of why we opted for maintaining a Custom Arena. Dungeon Adventures Custom Arena serves as yet another Daily or Rank Farming server. We use it for multiple reasons such as completing dailys fast (kids, can’t wait till they can play guild wars 2!), Ranking up PvP rank status, PvP Reward farming, and skin / Mat farming of a sort. Last but not least it is used as part of a requirement of Guild Wars Guild Hall upgrades.

Below are the adjustments to how our server is administered.

Blue Team Always Wins the game and gets dibs on Player Kills Daily. Captures all points and trades off recapturing the point closest to Red Base. A DnD member will usually volunteer (vol) for red team player kills.

Red Team ~ Always Loses the game and captures location closest to the Red Base. A DnD Alt Char acts as a target for blue team player kills.

Capture Points/Swaps ~ Our server does not follow the Rank Farming rules as closely as we could. To make things easier we choose to capture the point closest to red base.  This makes it easier for the re-spawners.

Combat/Player Kills ~ We have a non-combat policy, meaning that if Player Kills is not part of the daily’s please ask before engaging in combat with other players. Our server is more co-operative team play then competitive team play. Blue and Red teams work together to gain rank points.

Spectate Mode ~ while this mode is “allowing them to observe the actual combatants, with the intended purpose of allowing these spectators to learn from more advanced players.” ~ Guild Wars 2 Wiki Many players use it for forcing a team to volunteer/re-balance. We are not going to getting weather this is an exploit or not being used in the manner stated. That being said we do not intend to go presume that is what it is being used for and will volunteer when the opportunity presents its self and not create one either. If this becomes a problem it will simply be turned off.

Admin Team Swap Tool ~ As a general rule we do not swap team members from red to blue for the daily team win. There are many reasons for this I wont get into. We have had many players who have been upset and claim “all the other daily servers do it” or “get with the program like every one else”. We are not going to debate this being an exploit or not. The simple fact is it is our server from our gold not yours. Should you provide adequate support you could earn a slot as an administrator and provide that service to your team/party/group/guild. If Guild Arenas allowed for PvP Rank & Track Rewards we would not need our custom arena, until that happens we will have our server. So beware the server you join/hot join!

Maps ~ All maps are in the rotation with the newer maps closer to the start of the rotation.

Kicked ~ We tend to kick before banning players who do not follow the rules or fall under the “Elitude” on the rules page.

Banned ~ Expect to be banned if you are outright disrespectful and/or repeated rules violations, trolling and/or griefing.

Feel free to use the server as you would like when Admins or DnD Guild Members are not present. Contact Seth or Monika with any questions or donations and have fun!


Rank Farming

Guild Wars 2 & Multi/dual-boxing:  ~ Forum Post


Multiboxing is very simmilar to botting and 3rd party programming so according to Anet’s policy it is strictly forbidden. Please, refrain from making use of this and report any player you see making use of this.

Since the question has been answered , this thread is closed.


EDIT: This post has been quoted in other forum posts, but it is inaccurate. ArenaNet does not prohibit Multi- or Dual-Boxing as along as the player is active on each account and is not botting or using other third-party programs to “play” the account.”