GoldEventAs a PvE based guild Dungeon Adventures is¬†frequently found in open world maps participating in the many events and activities they hold. Dungeon Adventures is open to participating in most any thing the game has to offer. Listed here are our favorite activities and events we do often. The game is that much more fun when accompanied by our guild members to complete any or all of the events below ūüėÄ guild members should feel free to suggest doing sets/runs or combinations of these events any time.

Guild Events Schedule
Guild Events usually start around 6:00 p.m. PST. However RL happens and as parents time flexibility exists. We try to keep to the schedule as much as possible excepting festival events. We switch from our normal schedule and focus on festival participation and Achievements, since those events are annual,  when such events as Mad King Thorn / Blood & Madness and Wintersday are active .

Farming Nodes & Dailys

Dailys, Guild Missions, & Key Farm

Saturdays & Sundays
Dailys &¬†Achievements | Living World | Meta’s | World Boss Events | Map Completion

Monday – Sunday (When active)
Festival Events ~ Mad King Thorn / Blood & Madness | Wintersday | April Fools/ SAB |


Daily_ChestDaily Achievements
We enjoy getting loot, from any source ūüėÄ Daily’s are an easy semi fast method we enjoy completing. While we try to finish them as fast as possible as soon as possible, there are times it takes a little longer ūüôĀ We enjoy completing them with our guildies ūüėÄ Dailys also allow us to farm our home instance nodes and help in guild hall material requisition. ¬†The Sprocket Generator¬†node is of real use for guild halls as is¬†Quartz Crystal Formation.

Vanquish_EventWorld Boss Runs
During Daily’s or as events. We will occasionally take time out to complete a set of world bosses. Admittedly Living World has take much of our focus from the bosses to complete those achievements. Still, the side track is fun:D

Living_World0Living World (sometimes called Living Story)
One of our favorite aspects of guild wars 2 and what helps make it unique! We have enjoyed both seasons and can’t wait for the next season. We usually play blocks or episodes of LW/LS and then return to other areas of guild wars.

Map_Rewards Map Rewards
With Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns release comes the Map Rewards System, a system for earning bonus rewards that are usually materials and a monetary value item.  These rewards work similar to those found in Dry Top and Silverwastes. They are awarded every few events completed. We will be doing this as part of a regular event / activity. Many map rewards are also drops needed for guild hall restoration, legendary weapons, and more.

Force_EventChampion Runs
Another of our favorite pastimes are champion runs. We frequently play in these areas Kessex Hills, Gendarran Fields, Frostgeorge Sound, Diessa Plateau, and Cursed Shores taking on any events and champions we come across. These are great for a party of guild members to complete and stack up the bags of loot!

cropped-Guild_Tag.pngGuild Missions
Due to the freely available guild missions they can be run anytime and at the request of guild members for personal rewards. Members are not required to participate in guild missions though strongly encouraged. While a rare chance, guild missions also provide a chance for a precursor drop through successful missions. Guild Missions are also a resource for Resonating Silvers for use as a scribe.


WorldCompMap Completion
Mad Mapping, after or as part of daily’s. We select a map to either complete 100% or just gather 100% of the WP’s & HP’s. If we collect just the WP’s we usually complete the map during the week. We have multiple characters on our accounts, so map completion is an ongoing task. As a guild we will swarm a map and collect all map items except the renown hearts. The renown hearts as a time consumer are left for a bit of solo play ūüėČ

Dungeon Dungeons | RAIDs
We clear or vanquish dungeons and we do not exclude professions or gear check on LFG’s. We are not elite and don’t pretend to be, we are here for the fun with ūüėÄ Dungeons include Fractals of the Mists dungeons so we try to work in one world map dungeon and a fractal if we do not do a RAID. RAIDs are very challenging coordinated dungeons requiring¬†intense focus on Tactics. Masteries will be used heavily and in some cases required. We mostly do raid training’s. This helps our members get familiar with the raids with out the¬†pressure of having to win the first go.

Wintersday_Present Festival Events
We are big fans of the guild wars & guild wars 2 festival events! When those or other special events are active in game we will stop just about everything and focus on completing festival achievements and events. Recently they have included special rewards for participating in festival events such as Nightfury¬†and Winter’s Presence¬†and it’s nice to try and achieve those. Yarp, we work for them and not buy them from TP ūüėÄ It takes a bit of work to complete them but we have patience.

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