Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with your guild name?

Dungeon Adventures came from our old Dungeons & Dragons table top role playing game group. We still play Dungeons & Dragons, just not as frequently, since getting together is the biggest hurtle.

How long has this guild been around?

Dungeon Adventures is a Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 Guild. It was first created in Guild Wars back in October 2005. It was created in Guild Wars 2 during BWE (Beta Weekend Event) when we were allowed to create them for free. It was recreated for 1 silver on release day.

How big is Dungeon Adventures?

The guild has averaged around 100 members, though we do not limit the number. We do not recruit every day. Recruiting only began after reaching the realization that we would not be able to complete Guild Missions with just the two of us.

What ranks do you have?

  • Pact Magister ~ Owner of the guild
  • Lt Magister ~ An appointed rank from Commanders by Magistrates
  • Pact Commander ~ members who have access to guild panel for PvE
  • Mist Commander ~ members with access to guild panel for  WvW | EotM | PvP
  • Tyrian Guardian ~ members who have a “vote of confidence” and are potential Commanders
  • Tyrian Explorer ~ members
  • AFK ~ members who have arranged with leaders to return and are on extended leave
  • Guild Gladiator ~ Members who have joined to help complete guild missions. They may opt to join as a regular member.
  • Defeated Player ~ Members who have not been active or logged in for over 2 weeks.

How do I rank up in your guild?

We are growing! While this growth continues Dungeon Adventures is looking to its members for leadership support. For rules on ranking up to Officer status read this: Rules.

Who can invite members to the guild?

We allow all members the ability to invite to our guild. We trust you will not abuse this capability. If you have family, friends, or alternate accounts you have the means to add them. This will also hopefully increase guild membership.

With the ability to invite others to the guild you are also allowed to kick / remove the invited members from the guild. Be careful with its use! It can reflect badly on our guild and can be grounds for being kicked.

Do you run dungeons all the time?

No, while dungeons are very fun and rewarding, they are not the main focus of the guild. We do participate in dungeon vanquishing and have had guild only dungeon vanquishing.  If you want company on a dungeon vanquishing, ask any of our members!

Do you have VOIP?

We have recently switched to Discord and our Discord server can be found here DnD. We used to use Mumble . We have 15 slots available on our mumble server.


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