Guild Hall Level 40 and Further Exploration

Dungeon Adventures unlocked guild hall level 40 and Further Exploration! This is a little out of date, we’ve been enjoying HoT content, and needed to be posted. None the less there was a big sigh of relief once we reached level 40. Very shortly after we had everything in place to unlock Further Exploration.

  • Workshop ~ Last building being constructed

Many of us had high hopes of an additional map with unlocking Further Exploration. Sadly that just was not so. We did gain access to another WP, north east corner of the map and a jumping puzzle.

  • Main Hall

Unfortunately after reaching guild level 40 and unlocking further exploration, as with many guilds (reported on forums), participation takes a sharp down turn. We are still unlocking the remaining features of the guild hall. Some, like decorations merchant, will take some time given the mass amounts of materials required to unlock them.

I would be happy if there was a schematic to build an event that repopulates the guild claiming event. It would have been nice if with further exploration guild halls were given 5-10 meta events to build schematics for and activate in the guild hall. I guess we will just have to wait and see….

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader