Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Content

Many have felt that purchasing the expansion Heart of Thorns is not worth it. I would disagree. Many of those reason I would disagree below are listed below. These items are collection of reveals from multiple sources. Taken individually may not seem like much, once you see them together however, you see there is a lot of new content & systems that are improving our experiences.

  1. 4 maps, some containing 3 “biomes” – all containing many new events
  2. New races of npcs and monsters
  3. Repeatable adventures with leaderboards
  4. Map bonus reward system
  5. 1 profession
  6. 9 specializations
  7. New Personal Story
  8. Living World releases including Living Story Season 3
  9. 2 new armor sets per weight (from the open world) 5 weapon sets
  10. Legendary armor
  11. Legendary weapon set
  12. Legendary back pieces
  13. 60 new item skins, miniatures and more
  14. 7 mastery tracks
  15. Precursor crafting
  16. RAIDs, 1 raid with 3 wings
  17. 2 Guild Halls with 6 core buildings and over 175 decorations including a customizable PvP arena
  18. 2 New guild armor and weapon sets
  19. New PvP gamemode with new map
  20. Guild teams and leaderboards
  21. PvP leagues
  22. 10 New PvP reward tracks
  23. New WvW borderland
  24. New fractal system, rewards and 50 more levels
  25. Commander & Squad UI improvements
  26. More unmetioned or smaller features and updates……

These additions really create the “complete package” feeling that finally Guild Wars 2 has everything and more from Guild Wars and SO much more! A game that has taken us on a long 3 year journey and intends to continue that trek deeper into………..FUN!


Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader

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