In Guild Wars 2 there are many ways you can earn loot. So many that it would take an entire wiki to show them all, oh wait there is one, so I am going to list Dungeon Adventures favorite loot gathering methods. The Champion runs are great for lower level characters especially if partied with guildies. Kessex Hills is a perfect example. The other methods tend to require map access or an 80 level character.

Using each or any combination of the methods below you can earn a decent amount of gold in a very short period. Especially if you are not going to keep or salvage the items you will earn. While there is an extremely low chance of getting a precursor it is possible using the Boss and Silverwastes runs. But don’t expect to get one!

Map Rewards Map_Rewards

A new comer with the Heart of Thorns expansion, offer a relatively fast method of farming materials that can be worth very good coin. I imagine in the future this method of earning gold may not be so profitable since every one will be taking advantage of this method. Keeping an eye on the TP market you can still bring in some good coin by holding on to some stacks for the day demand exceeds current supply. There will always be those willing to pay a premium for legendary materials.


Silverwastes Chest_Reward2

An excellent place for loot, influence, gold, exotics, and materials! I actually miss playing in the Silverwastes now that my Bioluminescence Armor is complete.  Silverwastes has four bases to defend, Red, Blue, Indigo, & Amber. Farming the bases and multitude of events around the map is a great way to earn loot. Many players have gone to just farming Vinewrath (VW), I would rather taxi in players to the map and have a run at the full Foothold, Breach, Vinewrath, Labrynth, Time Out ( chest run ) chain.

Bag’s of Gear (Masterwork) often yield rares and rarely exotics. The Rares are sold and Exotics are salvaged for ascended materials. You can earn 5-10 gold in a short time if rare and above items are sold on the TP.
Heirloom Seed Pouches (Exotic) yield tons of materials for crafting and drop rares frequently. Exotics also drop on a much higher ratio given you will likely earn stack of these bags fast.
Embroidered Coin Purse (Exotic) drop from the bandit chests and also hold exotic weapons along side materials.
Piles of Silky Sand stack up fast and can drop keys for the Lost Bandit Chest in SW. Chests are often farmed in SW and are usually called shovel/chest runs/maps.

Farming these bags and items is very easy and you will find yourself with stacks of them rapidly filling your bank if your not careful.


Cursed Shores  HeavyMoldyBag

Another fun map for gold or materials. Here you want to complete events for the mobs and gather drops of Heavy Moldy Bags. I found that combined with a high magic find you will also be rewarded with rare drops. In just two events with mobs (Plinx, and one by Rotbeard’s ship) I had 5 rares.

World Boss Chest_Reward1

One of our favorite pass times, world bosses are large scale battles against gigantic foes requiring large numbers of players to successfully complete.  They award a decent amount of XP, Karma, coin plus a chest & bonus chest. While the boss chest can be acquired once per day per character the bonus chest is only once a day per account. Accounts with multiple characters can really haul in the goods in a couple of hours by selling rares or salvaging for ectos and selling the ectos.

Champion Runs Chest_Reward2

Below is a list of areas and waypoints that have champion events and are frequently farmed.  The Champion runs can yield both champion bags and in some cases a chest. The bags themselves drop materials, rare and exotic items.

Vanquish_EventKessex Hills: Draithor [&BAgAAAA=], Destroyer Harpy [&BBMAAAA=], Blood Witch (BW) [&BBAAAAA=], Bandit Foreman (BF)[&BAQAAAA=], Over Lord (OL) [&BAQAAAA=], Spider Queen [&BBAAAAA=] & [&BLoDAAA=], Togatl Event (spawns Champions) & Alchemist [&BBAAAAA=]

Vanquish_EventGendarran Fields: Tamini Mogul [&BN8AAAA=], Cave Troll [&BJMBAAA=], Ketsurak [&BJsDAAA=], War Beast [&BJABAAA=], Captaon Wiley [&BOIAAAA=], Spider [&BJQBAAA=]

Vanquish_EventFrostgeorge Sound: Wurm [&BH8CAAA=], Drake [&BIECAAA=], Troll [&BHoCAAA=], Trio (Fish, Kodan & Norn) [&BIYCAAA=], Coiled Event Chain [&BIICAAA=]

Vanquish_EventDiessa Plateau: Plains Wurm [&BNkAAAA=], Giant [&BN0AAAA=], Cave Spider [&BMkDAAA=], Separatistst Instigator [&BGEBAAA=], Rhendak the Crazed [&BNwAAAA=], Giant Skelk [&BGMBAAA=]

Vanquish_EventCursed Shores: High Wizard @ Arah [&BCADAAA=] or Anchorage [&BB8DAAA=], Giant & Ooze @ Meddlers [&BB4DAAA=], Plinx @ Caer [&BCEDAAA=], Archmage @ Pursuit Pass [&BBcDAAA=], Rotbeard @ Shipwreck [&BOQGAAA=],  Grenth @ Anchorage [&BB8DAAA=], Melandru @ Verdance [&BBsDAAA=]

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