Mumble Configuration

We are glade to see Mumble is starting to get some use 😀 and there have been some questions from first time users how to set it up. Or where do they get it. So I will go over some basics here and let you discover the rest.

You can download it from here. Just chose your OS.

Now that you have it go ahead and install it on your system. I left the default settings. Other did not get the overlay and had to download it form some where else. I did not have that problem. Lets hope yo get the overlay 😀 The Overlay shows a small party list while you are in game.

Once you have it installed open up mumble by double clicking the icon. You should see a window like the one below. For now ignore that I am already connected 😉

Mumble Main

Now Click on Server then Connect as shown below

Mumble Connectyou should now see the Mumble Server Connection screen. Here you can browse the thousands of Public Internet Mumble Servers or as we are going to do, add our favorite. Down on the bottom click the Add New… button, highlighted in orange.

Mumble_Connect2 Now you should see the Add Server dialog box. Enter the information requested. The Address and Port are correct here. Enter your own Label and Username.

Mumble_AddLabel: a name you want to give the newly created server
Port: 6383
Username: enter your main or any character name

Click  OK and you are done adding the Dungeon Adventures Mumble server to your client. Now double click the server you added. Now your Window should look like the one below.

Mumble MainDouble click the channel you wish to join. I have configured some channels to share as one channel or “Linked” them. The Linking is as described below.

Linked: + Guild Hall
Linked: PvE + Tyria + HoT
Not Linked: Dungeons | Fractals | Guild Missions | WvW, EotM, PvP

IF a channel is linked then they share from the pool of members in both the linked channels.

If a channel is not linked they do not share the pool of users. So only those in that channel can hear each other.

I realize we have low participation on mumble right now. I expect that will change. Please use the channels as a representation of what activity and where you are in the world of Guild Wars 2. I am open to suggestions on adding changing removing or similar changes our members wish to see with our Mumble Server. Feel free to contact me in game, on Mumble or through the website 😀

Enjoy Mumbling on Dungeon Adventures VoIP 😀

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