Guild Wars 2 Custom Play Lists

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In Guild Wars 2 you have the ability to create custom play lists that will play in place of the default music. The play lists will be activated automatically during set locations or events that trigger music to play.

What you need:

A music player ( I chose VLC as my player) that can create and save play lists in the following formats: .wpl, .m3u, .pls, .asx, or .wax. The supported audio file formats are: mp3, .ogg, .mid, .wav, .flac, or . aiff. Using something other than Windows Media Player will help in reducing problems later. Window Media Player, like most (if not all Windows applications) appends proprietary code to the play lists. This extra code can cause it not to work in game.

A Text editor such as notepad, Gedit, or bluefish. The editor is used to remove extra code.

Creating the play list:

There are 8 options you can choose to have your music played when triggered. They are MainMenu, Ambient, Battle, Underwater, City, Crafting, BossBattle, and NightTime. Load up you music player and fill it with the music yo want played in game. By loading a short , say 40kb, audio file as the first track in your play list it should act as a randomizer.


Now do a File, Save as..

Playlist2Locate your Guild Wars 2 Music folder. It is usually C:\Users\yourusername\MyDocument\Guild Wars 2\Music. Set the file name to one of the names listed above. Set the type as .m3u or a supported type listed.

Playlist3In this example if I were to load up a Guild Wars 2 character, in say Queensdale, The music I have set in my play list will begin to play after a short period.

Happy Listening!


File name must be exactly the same as shown above and below.

MainMenu ~ Plays While on the Character Selection Screen
Ambient ~ Plays when your not in combat or in a city and above water
Battle ~ Plays when your are in combat with 3 or more enemy’s
Underwater ~ Play while swimming, can be above water also if you were first submerged
City ~ Plays when in Major cities such as LA or Divinities Reach
Crafting ~ Plays while crafting, requires accessing crafting station
BossBattle ~ Plays for Boss Battles such as Jormag or Shadow Behemoth
NightTime ~ Plays during night hours only, similar to Royal Ascalonian Weapons


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