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Dungeon Adventures is a family based, friendly, play for fun, non-elitist, SALT free guild. We are primarily PvE based and participate in Map Events, Living World, Personal Story, World Boss events, map completion, Jumping Puzzles, Guild Missions, Dungeons | Fractals | RIADs, and more. With our main focus on Living World & PvE Events. We will occasionally play in WvW, The Mists (Edge of the Mists) or PvP matches though that is not our focus. We are mostly adults (some children, hence the term “family” being used) and expect on average some maturity. We understand the inner child / Geek may arise and need some time to play also ūüėÄ

We will handle rules violation as we (Guild Leaders) see fit. If you feel there is a problem that needs to be addressed, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding these matters. You can contact us in game or¬† by using this form

Game Play Style:

Dungeon Adventures casual game play is not for everyone. We believe in the philosophy “the journey is the goal” as stated by ArenaNet. We would rather Clear | Play through a dungeon than skip | Hide to the end. We enjoy that things will take time to earn and relish in its completion. We farm maps, champions, world bosses, and achievements for materials to craft or earn our rewards. We play Guild Wars 2 like we would a table top Dungeon & Dragons adventure | Mod. Each activity is a challenging and fun adventure ūüėÄ Even if we are downed multiple times ūüėÄ


We expect you to be polite and have respectful behavior to everyone! This includes the leaders, officers, & fellow members. We expect you to keep your ¬†“SALT” where it belongs in a bug or support ticket or forum post, failing that map chat or to yourself. ¬†If you have a problem with the game file a bug report or support ticket that’s why they are there

Is a term we use to identify the many aspects of attitudes we do not wish to cultivate. Elitudes are anyone who is demeaning, puts others down, their way is the only way, griefers, trolls, or any other manor of being that is not conducive to letting each person have their own opinion.

Is a term we use to identify players who have too many complaints about the game. A SALTeen as the name states is termed as such due to the childish or teenage wining they are identified by. Sure, everyone (even I) has had a complaint or two about the game. SALTeens can’t find it within themselves to be happy with the game and just enjoy it. They deploy a wide variety of comments similar in nature as an ELitist only directed at the game instead.

Game Play Don’ts:

We do not do any of the following listed here. We understand your time is important and you want to get as much done as you can in the game. And quite possibly as fast as you can in the game. We are not a speed | elite guild. We don’t teach others how to avoid triggers or content to complete an activity.


Lt Magistrates must represent 100% with exception to personal guild banks.

Officers and above (those with Commander or Magister titles) are expected to lead in the absence of guild leaders. Officers are encouraged to represent 100% and should chose to share in the perpetual task of recruitment. Guild Mission times and dates are posted on the guild panel, officers are expected to participate in guild missions.

Members are encouraged to represent as much as possible. Members are expected to participate or help out in every way possible. After all it is “Our” history we are building now. This can be done by donating materials to the treasury, donating gold for guild hall upgrades, and helping to successfully complete guild missions. Donate Decorations to Dungeon Adventures Guild Hall or become a Scribe. These are only some of the ways members can participate. Helping other members level, craft, or provide back up are more ways to participate.¬† If you chose not to represent than we expect you to at least keep our chat channel open and help out when leaders & members are asking for assistance. This can be in the form of a guild chat lfg or “Guild Missions” announcement.


Getting promoted to an officer rank is a matter of participation. To earn your choice of rank (Pact or Mists Commander) we expect some involvement from you. An officer is expected to show initiative  and participation in the following areas:

  • Log in to and use Mumble (mainly for Guild Missions & RAIDs)
  • Register on the website
  • Participate or lead in Guild Missions
  • Party with members to help with events, leveling, map completion, Living World, Personal Story, Dungeons, or other aspects of the Guild or game
  • Recruitment, invite other players to our guild that join
  • Be responsive in guild chat, say hello when logging on, answer others questions, welcome new members to the guild…etc
  • Uphold the ideals and rules of the guild
  • And the obvious…..Donate to the Treasury!

Generally the leaders are watching and looking for members to become officers who put as much into the guild as they do. This only means that to be an officer you want and help the guild to succeed as much as the leaders do.

If you recently joined DnD or maybe you are thinking of joining and want to become an officer see this form: Promotion for rank consideration.

Guild Bank:

After joining our guild and meeting the 72 hour restriction you will have access to the guild bank. Use it as you wish. This is provided for our members benefit.

Please be considerate of other players and do not empty the bank for your coin purse! The items that the owners place in the guild bank are spare items. We have personal guild banks of our own. So you are only hurting other guild members if you steal.

Guild Stash
The stash is a portion of the guild bank that is used to donate coin or other materials that will be used for guild hall upgrades. Every one can deposit, only Commanders and above can withdrawal.

Guild Treasure Trove & Deep Cave
 These two guild bank tabs are for guild member use.  All guild members may deposit and withdrawal.

The Treasury is the preferred method of donating materials to the upgrading of the guild hall. Every one  can deposit into the treasury and only those with permissions can use (not withdrawal) the donated materials to upgrade guild hall features and services.

Guild Invites:

We allow other guild members to invite other family members, friends, accounts, or players to join our guild. We hope that you will be mature in its use and invite those you would really like to see in our guild.

We hope that this will help create a sense of community and help to increase guild membership.

Rank Status:

In an effort to maintain an active guild, representation is not the only indicator used. We are a casual guild in the sense that we are not elitists. We believe in enjoying the game as much as we want loot.  We are not casual in the sense  we play once a week, only on weekends, or one weekend a month. In fact the leaders play, if only for a short while, every day as well as some of our members. We are a growing guild and value our active guild members.

Defeated Player ~
Guild Members who have not logged on in over 2 weeks are changed to this status. They may be reverted back to member status as soon as they log in and request the change from any officer or leader.

As with Defeated Players with the exception this applies after only 1 week.

Kicked from Guild ~
Unless a player has arranged an extended AFK agreement with a leader. Members who have had their status changed to Defeated Player and subsequently not logged on in 1 month are removed from the guild.

Guild Guardians (Guild Mission Members )~
Are predominately left alone excepting when Dungeon Adventures is beginning guild mission. Members in this rank may be removed after  2 weeks of inactivity.

Reasons for being kicked or demoted:

We hope we do not have to resort to this method of management but there are the times when it is called for. Please help us to ensure we do not need to resort to this tool. We do give warnings (in most cases) before we resort to this method and usually that is enough to resolve the problem. Some reason you may be kicked or removed from our guild are listed here.

  • In Active ( your account has not logged in recently ^ )
  • Abuse of Rank
  • Bullies, jerks, elitist attitudes [elitudes], griefers, trolls, SALTeens ~ instantly!
  • Continued violation of Game Play rules or don’t encourage rules.
  • Excessive warnings
  • Lack of participation in guild missions


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