Seth Moonshadow

An avid table top fantasy, computer based and online roll playing gamer got his start with Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition with a character Uthar Dragonbane. Uthar was an axe wielding Barbarian Cleric in the classic RPG and survived long enough to reach 2nd Edition. From there Uthar let RL take it’s place until getting into computers and Diablo (from Blizzard).

Uthar Dragonbane made his way through Diablo and Diablo II enjoying his victories over the minions of evil. Diablo III was a long way off and so Uthar sought adventures elsewhere. Making the journey to NeverWinterNights Uthar found a new friend in Seth Moonshadow. Seth was a Wizard who wore no cone hat, but carried a big stick into battle 😀

And so, Uthar and Seth having vanquished the foes from NeverWinterNights took thier talents online. Uthar having enjoyed Blizzard games in the past tried the 30 day free WoW experience. Alas, the coin was too high a price for Uthar & Seth. But a new adventure awaited in a recently released world of Tyria! While Seth Moonshadow was unhindered in his teleportation to Tyria, Uthar was not so lucky. Uthar it seemed had an unknown brother who writ into history Uthars change in names. Uthar Dragonbane was no more and Uthar Dragonbain was reborn.

Seth Moonshadow is currently the Guild Leader for Dungeons Adventures and has four other personal guilds used for bank storage. Along with Crystal Virgo they help create a family based friendly guild with a focus on PvE and also enjoy Living World, Achievements, personal Story, Story Journal, World Completion and other areas of Guild Wars 2.

Seth Moonshadow now enjoys playing Guild Wars (1,2 & HoT) with Monika Mu Phi, and soon Pelors Mace ( Seth & Monika’s munchkin). 😀


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