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Guild Wars 2 Birthday Year 3

Birthday_PresentHappy Birthday Guild Wars 2 Accounts with three day Headstart Access!!

August 28th 2015 marks the third year of Guild Wars 2 and the characters who where created on that day. For some, those who pre-purchased rather than pre-ordered, that day is instead August 25th. Pre-Purchasing provided a three day Headstart Access allowing you in Guild Wars 2 three days before the official launch. Those who Pre-Ordered were allowed into Guild Wars 2 one day before official launch.

A big Thank You to Guild Wars 2:Team and Arenanet for keeping the tradition alive by providing birthday presents to characters of Guild Wars 2!

So, what did we receive in our birthday presents?

As before we received:
only this time 2 were in the box.

And also as in previous years the Experience Scroll:
This time it will bump you to level 30 rather than level 20.

As in previous years they have included an additional item. Last years was the Birthday Blaster and the first year item was a Mini Queen Jennah keeping in the Guild Wars 1 tradition of birthday presents containing miniatures. This year they included not one, but three additional items! There are:

Birthday_Year3_Finisher0Permanent Birthday Finisher. Also includes the title “Faithful”

Birthday_Year3_TeleportTeleport to Friend, a recent addition to the Black Lion Chest drops. I can’t help but think we will be using all of these once HoT launches and we are trying to reach places another player is already at??


A new item containing your choice of one of the previous Dye Kits from the Gem Store. You can choose from:


Permanent Birthday Finisher

Congratulations all around!

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader