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Complete Booster Overhaul and Dwayna’s Weapon Set in the Gemstore!


It has been all hands on deck here at the Black Lion Trading Company as we focus on crafting some of the most magnificent items to date. Today we bring you a complete overhaul of our boosters. From now on, all boosters offered by the Black Lion Trading Company have been condensed down to the essential boosters detailed below.

  • Dwayna’s Weapons

    Dwayna’s weapon set features sharp curves and flowing cloth that will make your foe’s mouth drop open in wonder as they drop dead from your attack.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

Complete Booster Overhaul

All existing boosters will continue to exist, but will no longer be sold or dropped. These are the new boosters we will offer in the store:

    Experience Booster (Lasts 2 Hours)

  • +50 All experience gained in any game mode
  • +50% PvP Reward Track gain
  • Up to +100% bonus experience for killstreaks
    Item Booster (Lasts 2 Hours)

  • +50% Magic Find
  • +50% chance for critical success crafting experience
  • +33% chance for an extra gathering strike
  • 10s swiftness on completing the gathering skill
  • Summons a Black Lion Merchant if inventory is full when gathering is used. (20 minute cooldown)
    Heroic Booster (Lasts 2 Hours)

  • Applies both Experience and Item Booster.

Celebration, strength, armor, rejuvenation and speed boosters will continue to drop randomly from Black Lion Chests, and birthday boosters will be granted on character anniversaries.

We’ve been hard at work and you’re about to benefit from it!

Source: Complete Booster Overhaul and Dwayna’s Weapon Set in the Gemstore! | GuildWars2.com


Candy Corn GobblerThis has just become so much better than it was before!! If you don’t have it you should get it this Halloween if it is on the Gem Store again. Absolutely well worth the gems! I want one for all my characters now, good thing is that it is account bound 😉

Dungeon Adventures Guild Leader