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Black Lion Key

Black Lion Key Drop


Since the patch on Sept. 15, 2015 there were quite a lot of posts concerning the state of Black Lion Key Farming. I new key farming was a popular past time for some. I never realized it was THAT popular though. It was a favorite pass time for me to do in the mornings with a fresh cup of coffee before waking munchkin up for the day. It allowed me to play Guild Wars 2 with out advancing my characters beyond my wife’s ( we like to advance in the game together).

Now that it is gone I found myself pondering what to do the following morning.  If your like me you are disappointed (to say the least) that this was done. There is, however unlikely , the off chance they might include them as part of a RAID Chest reward? It was suggested that they be added to a Black Lion Trading Company PvP Track. I suggested that Black Lion Keys be added to a 4th & 5th dungeon path. Those additional dungeon paths would have ALL existing dungeon paths active at the same time and the party wold need to clear | vanquish | defeat all the foes to have a Black Lion Key added as the completion reward. There were a few other suggestions as well. Time will only tell if any of them will be heard or implemented. But I digress :/

I created this post  to get a general idea of how often the keys are actually dropping. Popular opinion is that they are as elusive as precursor or more so, since they cannot be coaxed from the Mystic Forge. Below I have created a spreed sheet to hopefully get a better idea of the drop rate frequency.
Black Lion Key Drop Research



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