Today I’m going to talk about Taxis. In Guild Wars 2 there is a popular tactic for filling up a map or making sure an event succeeds. It’s called “Taxiing”. In maps that require community team work such as Silverwastes or Drytop, taxiing in players to your map is very helpful. Taxiing players is also very popular for World Boss events such as Tequatl and Triple Trouble.

Taxiing in players uses the LFG Tool or Looking For Group Tool. I personally find the LFG Tool extremely useful. I am glad they added it! Anyway, that’s a topic for another day ūüėČ To open the LFG Tool press the “y” key on your keyboard, or click the icon Contacts_LFG in the upper left corner of your screen, or my favorite, just type /lfg in the chat panel and press enter. It brings up the this screen:LFG_SW2From here you will be posting your taxi service in the Living World ~ Open World Content area.¬† You post your taxi service by clicking this button Advertise0 at the bottom of the LFG Tool.

Depending on the map you are looking to fill, simply enter pertinent information in the field and click Advertise Your Party. For example if you are in Silverwastes and want to fill it for a Breach event, it might look something like this:¬† Advertise Be sure to add the “Taxi” so that other players know to leave your party after joining you in your map. After submitting your post your party should fill rather fast, so it’s best to taxi if you¬† are solo or have at least 3 party slots open.

And that’s it! You are now an official Guild Wars 2 Taxi service ūüėÄ


There are some things that should be mentioned about taxiing players. Etiquette I think both the taxi service and taxied party should both be aware of and take into consideration.

  1. Be honest about your taxi service.
    You can be reported for abuse of the LFG Tool! Keep that in mind when posting.
    so it’s best not to post “SW 4/4 Taxi” when you’re really 0/4 trying to get the map going.
  2. Leave the Taxi once you join.
    If some one took the time to post a “Taxi” it is likely they are going to add more players. Please leave after joining the map.
  3. Be friendly.
    If you joined a map let taxi know you appreciated their efforts, type a quick “ty” and leave the party.
  4. Suppression.
    You can be suppressed for posting in the LFG too frequently  just as in Chat.
  5. ANet Approves or Disapproves of Taxis
    I do not know  where ANet stands on this topic. I personally believe they support it since it is a method of helping other players and as a whole the community to work together.


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