Dungeon Adventures [DnD]
a Blackgate (Megaserver) based Guild
PvE based, Personal Story, Living World, Dungeons.
Occasional WvW, The Mists or PvP matches

Mission Statement

Established in 2005 Dungeon Adventures has existed to have fun playing Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns content. We are a family casual guild looking to build an online community of current and future players.

We are an active guild (most members log in daily) and look forward to expanding our roster with the same.


  • Pact Magister ~ Owner of the guild
  • Lt Magister ~ Officers who are delegated as leaders to command in the Pact Magister absense
  • Pact Commander ~ members delegated to command mostly in PvE
  • Mist Commander ~ members delegated to command mostly in WvW | EotM | PvP
  • Tyrian Guardian ~ members who have a “vote of confidence” and are potential Commanders
  • Tyrian Explorer ~ members of our guild
  • Guild Gladiator ~ Members who have joined to help complete guild missions. They may opt to join as a regular member
  • AFK ~ Members that contacted Officers for Liberty / Leave
  • Defeated Player ~ Members who have not been active or logged in for over 1 month.


We (Seth & Monika) started Guild Wars in October 2005.  Coming from table top RPG systems (Dungeon & Dragons ®), we were looking for an online version…something we could play in the absence of a D&D game or if a scheduled game fell through. Hence the guild name Dungeon Adventures. A guild name that was suited for a website that could handle both D&D and Guild Wars.

So the hunt began for an Online RPG or MMORPG. Having played Diablo®, Diablo II®, and tried Diablo III®, we wanted something that we could load up and play for a few minutes or a few hours. A game that was like playing D&D character-wise and yet full of loot! Sticking with D&D specific games, we found Neverwinter Nights®. It was (for its time) awesome! You could level your character just like D&D and you were able to craft weapons and armor. After completing Neverwinter Nights we tried Neverwinter Nights 2 but the cut scenes were just too many too often and we couldn’t get past the first 20 minutes of game intro. We figured we would try WoW (World Of Warcraft®).  I tried the free 30 day trial. It was better than Diablo but a little too goofy with the character skins. It did not seem to be serious enough and a little more comic like. Then there was the thought of paying $14.00 a month for a game I was about to pay $60.00 for! I don’t think so……the hunt continued.

Then, I found Guild Wars®: Prophecies. I bought the game of the year edition and was instantly hooked. We could create / modify weapons and build armor–not as detailed as we could in Neverwinter Nights, but enough to keep our interest. While you had to grind for the high-end items the loot drop rate was satisfying, I was able to gather 10 platinum very easily. While playing we found out about Guild Wars: Factions & Guild Wars: Nightfall, so we added those to our accounts also.  And later Eye Of The North (EoTN), Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack , & finally Guild Wars Beyond. We absolutely loved the way holidays were worked into the games and provided a sense of time passing in game, which was something that was missing from most games before. We looked forward to Guild Wars Utopia and worked on completing our Hall Of Monument Rewards.

About a month into playing Prophecies we created Dungeon Adventures Guild. We primarily kept the guild just family & friends with a select few online invites. Guild Wars was such a wonderful game and it was easy to ignore building a guild. Since Heroes allowed a player to solo the game if they wanted, there was no need for building the guild membership.

Enter Guild Wars 2!  We were extremely excited about the new release. We pre-ordered the collectors edition!What could have made it more exciting? Yup, access to Beta Week End events. What could have made THAT even better? Oh Yeah! 3 Day Head Start Access!! WooooHoooo!GuildWars2CEWe created Dungeon Adventures Guild the second we had 1 silver to pay for it. And so began the construction of our guild. Guild Wars 2 added mechanics that make it advantageous to build our member base. We have other guilds we use as private / storage guilds for bank space. So if you catch us not representing, it won’t be for long. We are probably just transferring all our loot from Bank to Guild Bank :D. We are a relaxed guild and enjoy our friendly, helpful, non-eilitist environment.

See you online!


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