Guild Wars 2 2016 Begins

As Wintersday comes to a close and we start back into building our guild halls, leveling our Heroes, completing world exploration, gaining Elite Specializations, finishing achievements, working on Legendary items, and many more fun enjoyable journeys. The world of Tyria will undergo more changes. WvW, PvP, PvE, RAIDs will all see Polish and content additions. It’s likely we will see Living World Season 1 (Scarlets War) return and take it’s place in our Journals. There will be the dreaded balancing changes, maiming some builds and creating new ones. One of those major changes to Tyria is the addition of Gliding to area’s other than just Maguuma Jungle! That’s right, Gliding in Orr (at least for starters?). At the conclusion of today’s Guild Chat Ruby took a gliding leap off a cliff in Malchor’s Leap it appeared to be from Sculptor’s End.  Here is the Guild Chat Twitch video that contained the teaser.

Gliding in Tyria
Gliding in Tyria

It is my prediction that jumping puzzles will undergo a metamorphosis and be turned into instances like the Adventures. The frame work is there, most jumping puzzles are character based in their rewards and completions.  There are surely many other methods of handling jumping puzzles when it comes to gliding.  This is only my speculation as to how they might handle it.

Gliding in Tyria is sure to be a very sweet adventure in and of its self. Giving us a great number more of beautiful Guild Wars 2 art screen shots 😀

  • Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle

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