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Lion’s Arch Construction Nears Completion

With today’s patch release it was confirmed that Lion’s Arch is being rebuilt from the ruins of Scarlet Briars attack where her forces decimated the heart of Tyria. With the reconstruction well underway Tyrian’s can breath a sigh of relief and rejoice at the coming additions.

  • Breachmaker debris removed



Tyria needs our help! The Captain’s Council is looking to it’s people to help complete the process by asking for your vote in naming sites & locations. A hero’s work is never done, so lets pull together and get your vote on here Changes are coming to Lion’s Arch, learn about them here and get your say!

Source: Lion’s Arch Construction Nears Completion; New Player Poll Announced |

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Portal to Heart of Maguuma


Crystal Virgo, Seth Moonshadow & Michris

We set out this week to hunt for the elusive Portal to the Heart of Maguuma. Knowing it would probably takes us all week if we were even that lucky! We started out in Silverwastes and maybe ten minutes here or there in Drytop.  Our plan was focused on Saturday as it would be a high attendance from the community. It was well known that magic find was not going to help in this endeavor, but if your going to farm ~ FARM! So, for the first time we used our Metabolic & Utility Primers along with  Magic Find Boost, Laureate Magic Find BoosterChocolate Omnomberry Cream, Lump of Crystallized Nougat, and Guild Heroes Banner.  That combined with perseverance from Silverwastes events add a huge amount of Magic Find. So if we were not to receive the highly sought after Portal prize, we were walking away with an inventory full of great loot 😉

I was able to get my magic find up to a whopping 630%, I was sure the maximum was 565% but I guess that was changed? Crystal had their magic find averaging 550%.


Our guildies helped complete events and defeat foes in and around both Red Rock Bastion and Indigo base.  With perseverance adding it’s +150% magic find one of our party was bound to get one ( so we hoped). Thank fully the drop rate was increased! Thankfully that means our chances are much higher than that of a possible precursor weapon drop. Even though the item is given a color code of legendary.  We are two fortunate players to have the Portal to Heart of Maguuma item drop for us in game. 😀

We hope more of our guildies will be as lucky and join us in the closed beta test!

The details about acquisition are below.

The Drop

Crystal Virgo:
Magic Find 550%
Wingspan Arch ~ Event
Defeated Foe ~ Veteran Mordrem Husk
Play Time approx. 5 hours

Seth Moonshadow:
Magic Find 500% approx.
Restoration Refuge Waypoint ~ Event Prevent skritt from stealing supplies
Defeated Foe ~ Skritt Thief
Play Time approx. 8 hours

Magic Find 96%
Blue Oasis ~ Base event
Bonus Chest ~ Defend Blue Oasis and protect Tactician Mansell from the Mordrem
Play Time approx. 1 hour

Seth Moonshadow receiving Portal
Portal to Heart of Thorns
Portal Description
Portal Description

After you receive the Portal you will receive and in game email from “The Guild Wars 2 Team” as shown below.


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The 10th Anniversary of Guild Wars |

In tribute to Guild Wars and their 10th anniversary here are some of our favorite memories.

  • Halloween & Mad King Thorn

I know many players of Guild Wars have long since stopped playing once the release of Guild Wars 2 went live. It is the die hard Guild Wars fans that remain and play both editions. I admit to it being very hard to return to Guild Wars. All the advances and little things like only needing to click a Salvage Kit once or “Deposit Material” that make Guild Wars a rough return in playing. That is a true testament to how wonderful Guild Wars 2 is.

Chaos Axe Guild Wars
Chaos Axe Guild Wars 2









We celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Guild Wars with a look back at the history of the franchise!

Source: The 10th Anniversary of Guild Wars |

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Specializations, Part One: A Primer |
Specializations, Part Two: Reward Tracks & Elite Specialization |

Well I’m fairly excited about the new specializations feature of Heart of Thorns. It looks much more stream lined and easier to select between each specialization tier. I really like the sleek new UI for it (reminds me of Diablo II skill choices 😀 ). I missed that UI experience and really appreciate Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns (HoT) will be adding a similar feature. For those of us who are not uber stat/trait/skill build designers it  makes near effortless build designs. By that I mean I will not need to spend hours reading wiki info or constantly swapping back and forth over my traits then my skills to see how the build works.

It’s all right in one panel for next to brainless build designs 😀 Now THAT is  a useful system! After all I want to spend my time either earning my next Specialization/Skill unlock, leveling, or playing. Not reverse engineering those systems to have fun 😉 . Change a tier mouse over the skill see if its what you are looking for. It truly follows the K.I.S.S. method for build designs. I can’t express how much this new specialization system is awesome!

Read on to find out how we’re refining trait lines and profession customization!

Source: Specializations, Part One: A Primer |

Okay, sure, they have adapted another PvP system into PvE. But honestly! I Like it! It was a great idea to take the PvP Reward Track system and apply it to the Professions, how awesome is that? It goes along with the Personal Story and Living World achievement systems also. You do a block of leveling, say complete Queesdale, boom you get map completions rewards & Hero Points (or HP, as I am sure it will be called down the road. Hey wait do we know another HP? 😉 )to spend for new skins, skills and specializations 😀 Sweet right!?

Learn all about elite specializations, reward tracks, and how to unlock your profession’s potential!

Source: Specializations, Part Two: Reward Tracks and Elite Specializations |

They did remove stats from the traits / skills and I am honestly not sure how I feel about that. If it makes building a character easier then great, I’m all in. Hopefully it will make my choices of armor / weapon stats much simpler also. I want to get in have fun, explore, defeat some foes, level up and get loot :D.

I only hope we are grandfathered for those of us who have already unlocked all the skills and traits. That way we can start working on our new Elite Specializations.


According to the Twitch (Ready Up: Specializations AMA) channel video today. These changes will be coming out before Heart of Thorns! Only the Elite Specializations will be coming out in Heart of Thorns.

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Guild Wars 2 | End Game

Guild Wars 2 End Game

Seriously? Why do you want it to end? I don’t!
Every one talks about Guild Wars 2 Endgame content or endgame.

I realize they are not referring to the end of the game but rather the content that you play after you have maxed out.  Most seem to think that is at level 80 since that is the designated level cap.  But why does there have to be any endgame content? So you’ve reached level 80 in 1 minute or 4 hours or 4 weeks. The game does not suddenly change because your level 80. Sure, there are the small changes to chests once you reach level 80, you now get Empyreal Fragments or Dragonite Ore as drops. Not much else changes.

You still have the exact same options as you did when the game launched in regards to what content you can play. They add things on a fairly regular basis when Living World is active. Below is a list of things to enjoy spending your time on:

  • Map Completion | Exploration
  • Living Story
  • World Boss
  • Event Farming
  • Dungeons | Fractals of the Mists
  • Guild missions
  • Ascended | Legendary
  • Crafting
  • Achievments
  • Jumping Puzzles
  • Activities (Costume Brawl, Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl, Belcher’s Bluff..etc..etc)
  • World vs World | Edge of the Mists
  • Player vs Player
  • Coming soon (we hope 😉 )
    • Borderlands
    • Stronghold

All of it was designed to give players some re playability and make it a fun time sink. It was never meant to be completed in a week. There is a term that comes to my mind that describes Guild Wars 2, M, MM, MMM, Ah there it is MASSIVE! MASSIVEMultyplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame, an MMORPG. True, the world is not yet that MASSIVE (especially to need mounts, lolz) but that can, does and is changing. So sure, you can race your way to level 80 if you want, most of you will. Sooner or later you will find yourself playing the exact same content you had available at all the other levels ;D

Enjoy the journey through Guild Wars 2 play 😀

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Gold Event

Event Tagging

Event tagging was a huge thing back in the days of release as we scurried to the farthest reaches of Tyria. There were so many chars, and so many events spawning it was a pure mad house of XP!. With the numbers of players tagging an event you did not need to stick around and ensure it finished. You only needed to make sure you participated enough to earn credit. This was helpful and allowed you to keep your momentum in completing a map.

My first char Seth Moonshadow was leveled in just such a way. In fact far before his level allowed Seth was in Orr running from WP to WP.  Of course do to the death penalty (DP) and constantly dying Seth returned to the lower level maps. There I continued to run Seth from WP to WP and finally reach level 80 doing only WP and Event tagging. Then came the actual map completion.

Event Tagging is the method of doing just the minimum needed to earn credit, be it bronze, silver, or gold. Whether your defeating foes, turning in items, or escorting  ncp’s. Event tagging is also helpful for today’s daily players. When a map is full of players and events complete in seconds. If you just tag the event you will get credit for participating and by moving to another event you give other players a chance to tag it also. That helps the event to remain a little while longer and benefits everyone.

Event Tagging can be an effective method of leveling when combined with other activities such as map completion or just collecting WP’s in a map.

Defeating a Foe: AOE insures you will hit enough targets to get credit, however make sure you get at least two drops from foes before moving on.
Turn in Items: as long as you turn in 1 item you should be good, but 2 or 3 is more than enough to receive credit.

XP, Coin, Karma, Influence, Drops from creatures

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April Fools Guild Wars 2 Style

Guild Wars 2 April Fools Day 😀

Dungeon Adventures members enjoyed the new “airplane” mode from Guild Wars 2 April Fools Day 2015! All characters models were switch with models of them holding their hands out to the side and an audio file was added. The audio file was of the traditional child airplane sounds made when we (well, most of we, definitely me ;)) pretended to be airplanes. Complete with skidding sound effects. Video was also adjusted to have an old school sepia look.

The wiki also came under attack from Mordremoth’s forces attempting to take over the Waypoints on the wiki as his forces did in Tyria!
Guild Wars 2 Wiki April Fools

Here are some videos of Dungeon Adventure Guild Members running their own air strike on LA


While I do not condone data mining I do admit to previewing tings other have map chatted. This time I was rewarded with an awesome preview of an item I truly hope they add to the gem store as a costume! Balthazar’s Regalia!

Balthazar’s Regalia
Balthazars Regalia Back

There where some other items dumped into chat but this was absolutely the best. I hope it is not just a fake data meant to mess with players. I would buy this costume in a heartbeat!


Balthazar’s Regalia, Mini Moose, and Mini Red Panda in the Gem Store! Article

wOOt!! Yup, bought it 😀 I was thinking of the Moose also but for me it is too steep a price to pay for 1 mini @ 350 Gems 🙁

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A Legendary Journey

A Legendary Journey |

So, this morning I looked to the News page of Guild Wars 2 hoping beyond hope to read some more information about the elusive Guild Halls.  Though I was not greeted with a shiny awesome blog post of Guild Hall goodness (RNG Gods are not rolling in my favor lately). I did find a sweet article about the new Legendary Precursor Crafting Process!

Basically we are getting another Collections category titled Legendary Collections. Each Precursor will have three tiers to complete it’s construction before it can be “tossed” into the Mystic forge with the rest of your Legendary crafting materials. After which will produce your shiny new Legendary weapon 😀 That’s the short version, you can read the blog for more.

What I like about this new process is not only are we guaranteed a precursor now. We actually get to take part, and become one with our weapon, in its history. That was a great idea in my opinion. While it does take me back to the old days of Guild Wars and the hunt for the Black Moa Chick Mini. I am glad to have the ability to craft my own precursor. It just seems the proper way to truly become the hero our characters were meant to be.

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Trait System

Game Updates: Traits

Guild Wars 2 Forum – Guild Wars 2 Discussion – Game Updates: Traits.

This is actually old news, however I have found that many Guild Wars 2 players are not aware of this change.  Colin Johanson states on the forum:

“Hey folks,

Now that the HOT is out of the bag, we’re able to update this thread with more details. With the introduction of the new account based mastery system for end-game progression and growth in PvE, we’ll also be re-evaluating our other systems of character progression to ensure they match our over-all pillars and goals for Gw2.

In doing so: we’re going to be removing the current trait unlocking system currently on live and replacing it with a more simplified system that supports where skills-traits-specializations are going in the future. We’ll go into more details between now and the release of HOT on how skills, traits, and specializations will work in the new Gw2 world.

Thank you for all your passionate feedback on this topic – it not only helped our dev team lead to this decision, but has played a large role in helping us define how to build our exciting new account based mastery system for end-game progression in PvE as well.”

So, what does this mean for you as a player? For one, I would not spend any coin on traits. I would earn them instead. Can’t wait to here more on this topic.

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